Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I am not a joiner. This may be due mainly to the fact that I am an (extreme) introvert, but I think it also has to do with recognizing my own limitations. I try to budget my time and resources very carefully so I can do all the things that are most important to me, and not put myself in a position of saying yes to so much that I can't do anything effectively.

This works well for me in most circumstances, but I also realize that I may be limiting myself by not trying new things. There is a fine line between being happily ensconced in the things I love best and being stuck in a rut. I initially discounted One Little Word because I felt that I honestly didn't have time for it. My family, my work, and my life, along with the multiple health and life crises I have to deal with on a daily basis have left me with barely a spare moment. But between the emergencies, little sparks began to appear. These often took the form of words, words that made themselves known, and I began to pay attention to them. "Present" was written in bright lights, because I so often wanted to turn inward and avoid being present for much of what was happening. "Hope" was written in tiny script, because I very much wanted to have some, but it didn't seem possible. "Clarity" and "Courage" were written boldly when I could see them personified in others but not myself.

Then I received a card (for which I'm so incredibly appreciative and grateful), and in it Kym chose my word for me - Light. Light makes things visible, provides illumination, and guides our way.  Reading Kym's thoughtful words did all those things, and since then, Light has provided a necessary and welcome focus for me. I have only just begun to think about what I'll do with my word this year (there are no plans for scrapbooking!), but just having the perfect word at the perfect time has changed my mindset already.

I'm astounded at the myriad ways that we use Light; we often use it to mean illumination, but Light can also be defined as not heavy, deep, or serious. A light touch is gentle or delicate, a light heart is free from worry, light duties are those which are easily done, and we provide a source of ignition when we light a fire. I'm so looking forward to focusing on and exploring Light this year.


  1. the perfect word at the perfect time is a beautiful thing. your images are stunning! (and remember it takes dark to see light).

  2. Thanks for sharing the story of how you came to choose your word. Kym is pretty awesome, isn't she? I am excited for you and can't wait to see how light works in your world this year.

  3. Oh, Bonny. I'm just sort of . . . verklempt. Here's to a year filled with LIGHT!
    (I don't scrapbook my word either. . .)

  4. love your word, LIGHT so many meanings. Love the photo!!

  5. Life is full of contrasts and we either head into the dark or follow the light. Your word will lead the way. xox

  6. It's meant to be Bonny! (I won't be scrap booking either...maybe just some pretty paper here and there.)xo


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