Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Happy!

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things You Are Happy About Right Now. Originally I thought this list might be a bit of a struggle, but after some thought, I think I know how to make it work. There's a big added bonus for me that just thinking about things to put on my list made me happier!

1. I'm very happy that youngest son Justin was able to get his schedule fixed after a bit of scrambling. He got notification on Friday afternoon that one of the classes he had registered for (for his last semester, senior year of college!) was cancelled because the professor was leaving. He and I searched long and hard for something to replace the cancelled class, and he ended up dropping both the cancelled class and one other one, and replacing them with two better ones. Classes start today and he will be able to graduate!

2. I'm happy that the temperature today is slightly above freezing so maybe the driveway's icy coating will thaw and evaporate.

3. I'm glad the new Decemberists album is being released today - gorgeous cover, brilliant title, and I bet the music will be excellent also.

4. I'm happy that I learned the Old Norwegian cast on and practiced it by making two Calorimetries for my nephew's girlfriend. We had talked about an alternative to hats since she wears her hair up most of the time, so I was pleased to welcome her to the family with something knitted.

5. I'm also glad that the project I started to work on while my car was being repaired on Friday is living up to my expectations so far. It's another pair of fingerless gloves and I'm much happier with the cast on than my last pair; I also love the warm fuzziness of the yarn.

6. While I wish that my car repair had been the simple, inexpensive fix that I thought it would be, I've decided to look on the bright side and be glad that my car won't be ready for another two days. This means that when I pick it up and pay the gigantic repair bill with my Visa, it will be after this current billing period ends and won't show up until I get the February bill. That means payment won't be due until March!

7. I'm happy that Kym posted about making space, and I made some! After reading her post, I went directly to the kitchen and started cleaning out my pantry. It's a built-in cabinet with four pull-out shelves, and I'm both ashamed and giddily happy that I threw away three trash bags full of aged tea, twelve-year-old spices, petrified honey, and ancient flour.

8. I'm happy that I have enough leftovers in the refrigerator that I don't have to think about what to make for dinner tonight. Smörgåsbord!

9. I'm thrilled that my furnace guy is so nice and came quickly to calm me down and assess the situation when we had a furnace pipe blow out very early Monday morning, spewing boiling water all over. It's fixable (with another gigantic repair bill); I've learned how to take apart and reset the automatic water feeder for the furnace, and I also learned how to use the Sawzall to remove some shelves that were built in front of the pipe. Quite an eventful day!

10. I'm also overjoyed that my furnace guy is recovering from cat scratch fever (really!), and feels well enough to come repair our heating system. I'm going to try really hard not to sing this while he's here for the next two days. I need to keep him happy!


  1. Another Decemberist fan! You have had quiet a week and I'm happy to hear all the house/car drama has turned out well enough that you can find "the Happy"!!

  2. You have had an expensive week! I need to go and read Kym's post about making space. I desperately need some!

  3. That IS a lot to be happy about! (And I'm excited about The Decemberists release today, too! YIPPEE!!!!)

  4. Somehow my daughter's been listening to the Decemberist's new record already... and she says it is AMAZING!!

  5. I, too, found that saying I'm Happy made me feel happier. Congrats on this being the final semester for your son in college. Have a great Tuesday!

  6. I think it's awesome that you can focus on things that make you happy in the face of big repair bills. You turned a frown upside down!

  7. I did some throwing in my work desk yesterday after reading Kym's post! Now to get to that kitchen drawer! And YAY for Justin and graduation. That is something to be happy about!

  8. Leftovers and not having to think about dinner is always a great thing.

  9. Ooooh, a new Decemberists album! Must get!

  10. ha! and I thought MY sunrise was glorious...it's hard to be unhappy about a day that starts off with that! ugh for the house issues and yay for finding silver linings (I'm afraid you've had too much practice about that of late...) hope the upcoming days bring more happy's. and smiles! xo.


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