Monday, January 26, 2015

Be Prepared

We had a small(ish) storm over the weekend that produced six or seven inches of snow. Husband John, son Justin, and I worked together on snow removal, so we had the driveway and sidewalks cleared in a pleasant few hours. I didn't do anything special to prepare for that storm since I had plenty to eat, read, and knit.

We're now awaiting another larger snowstorm that's being described as historic, epic, significant, hazardous, paralyzing, destructive, etc. I'm beginning to get a little concerned since even the National Weather Service is starting to use some of these adjectives in their forecasts, warnings, and watches, but I guess the prediction of 18-24 inches of snow and 50 mph winds lends itself to some hyperbolic language.

My other reason for concern is that I'm here by myself. John travels quite a bit for work, and is departing on his next trip today (as long as he can get out of Philadelphia airport). Several weeks ago he joked about being sure we would have some sort of major weather event while he was gone because I've managed three hurricanes and two three-foot snowfalls while he's been away, often somewhere warm and sunny.

I think the answer is to be prepared. I know how to use the snow blower and run the generator. I've prepared a big pot of soup, bread, calzones, and blueberry muffins, all things that can be easily eaten if we lose power. I have several knitting projects that I'm looking forward to working on. My phone, Kindle, and rechargeable flashlights are charging, and I have three or four "real" books at the ready.

Late last night I remembered there was one other thing I needed to be completely prepared, so I made the trip to the liquor store (along with everyone else!) to get those last important items.

Now I'm ready!


  1. Now that is highly reasonable storm preparation at its best. Bring it on! The snow down here has been a complete letdown.

  2. You've got all the important stuff covered!! Stay warm and dry.

  3. You are very well prepared! I'm only wishing we had a chance of ANY snow and I'd be happy to be preparing for the storm of the century!

  4. Yep. You're ready! Hope you stay safe and warm -- and that you don't need to fire up that generator. XO

  5. whew! glad you remembered that last stop! hope this storm is getting sounds perfectly awful! (except for the uninterrupted knitting and reading time :-)

  6. I am always prepared unless the power goes out. I haven't bought a generator yet....stay safe and I hope you are well when he returns hopefully with a present :)

  7. Hope the worst of the storm missed you, Bonny, and you'll still get to enjoy a few days of knitting, reading, eating and especially sipping. Cheers!


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