Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Right Now: November 2022

Tempus fugit and Happy November! November 1st seems like a good day for a catch-up post, so that's what I'm doing today.

Excited About - The fact that I've cooked enough over the past several days that we can have a smorgasbord for dinner. Don't confuse these with plain old leftovers, these are much better. I think that venison barley stew, chicken bacon ranch pasta, and cider-roasted turkey breast are all delicious so I'm already thinking about what I'm going to have for dinner. 

Making - I already made turkey stock and picked all the meat off the turkey breast. For anybody that lives on the east coast and has access to a WaWa, I will be making a Gobbler for dinner some night this week. For those that have never had a Gobbler, it's turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, on a hoagie roll. It's also available as a bowl, but I like the sandwich better. I realize it may sound disgusting to some, but I think it's delicious. It's only available for a limited time so that may add to my enjoyment. 

Making Part 2 - I'm going up to Ryan's today to pick the rest of the hot peppers, help John clean up the garden, and make chili paste with Ryan. It seems like a good way to use up lots of these peppers and Ryan will use the chili paste in soup, on pasta, in eggs, etc. Any remaining hot peppers will go to Justin to take to his Hispanic co-workers.

Grateful For - The fact that we did not get topsoil delivered to Ryan's last week. It had rained for four days and the topsoil guy said it had been too wet for them to sieve the soil. I talked to him on the phone and he said that topsoil needed to be sieved to remove rocks, glass, and all manner of things. He seemed surprised that I didn't know this but now I do. We don't have any estimated delivery for the future, but I was glad to put off what I imagined as back-breaking work. 

Planning - Thanksgiving dinner. It's actually my favorite holiday, mainly because I enjoy the food and adore the leftovers (like fried stuffing and pumpkin pie for breakfast the day after). I also like it because it doesn't require gifts, decorations, or much of the stress of other holidays. We just have the usual turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc., but I always make homemade crescent rolls and cranberry-orange relish. 

Glad - That I got my flu shot last Saturday. I looked around for appointments and the only place I could find that would do it within two weeks was Walmart. It was my first year for the 65 and over HD dosage. I usually have a slight reaction to the regular flu shot, and I don't know if it was the power of suggestion due to the warning from the pharmacist, but I felt awful on Sunday. I woke up with a fever and shaking chills at 2:00 am, and had a headache and muscle aches through Monday. But it's done and I feel better for having done what I could. I'll continue to wear a mask in public and wash my hands and I don't want either flu or covid. 

Dreading - Paying bills. I've never enjoyed it, but since John has retired we no longer have income coming in every month. We've both decided to wait as long as possible to get Social Security but may need to start that next year. We were quite thrifty while he was working and we have a 401k, but before we start tapping into it we are living off of our savings account. It's painful to see it decrease so rapidly each month. 

Made Me Laugh - It's a little bit mean and childish, but still funny. It's from an NPR article about Bob Woodward's release of his original interview tapes with Trump. NPR has since corrected it, but I'm not above laughing at Trump.

Watching - Nothing, because the power is off for the fifth time in the last week! When I reported it they said it would be off for another four hours. So I'm glad I didn't do the load of sheets I had planned because I wouldn't be able to dry them in the dryer. I do wish I had turned the heat up above 62 though.

Grateful for Part 2 - Electricity! After seven hours, it's back, along with internet and wifi. I found out I can knit with just a flashlight but some sort of light that goes around my neck would be much better. I've also added AA and AAA batteries to the list because I've gone through all of them. The heat is turned up to 65, I have light to knit by, my phone and iPod are charging, and things aren't looking quite as bleak as they did in the dark. 

What I've Just Ordered - This! 

What's going on in your world right now?


  1. This is a great check in on your world, Bonny. I like that neck light... very much! And a Gobbler looks fascinating! (and I think I might love that very much, thank you!) Good luck with your pepper paste making!

    As for me... I laughed so much last night at the Trick or Treat photos. Winston was having NONE of it! And no amount of begging by his sister could convince him that getting something from anyone was a good idea, even if it was candy!

  2. We don't have the Gobbler in our neck of the woods (Wawas are this far west), but we do have the Gobblerito at a local Mexican restaurant -- think the Gobbler but wrapped up in a tortilla! It's not my cup of tea, but it's my father-in-law's favorite thing! Thanksgiving is also my favorite holiday, I think because there's no obligations or religious observances. It's just a good excuse to be with friends and family and eating good food.

    In my world, I'm trying to get through a 40-page report for work so I can get back to reading for pleasure!

  3. I adore what I call Thanksgiving Sandwiches, which sound very much like your Gobblers. Mmm. Bon appetit! I've got an appointment for my flu shot on Saturday; hoping I don't feel too bad afterward. (Brian even complained about his flu shot after-effects this year. . . ) Thanks for the glimpse into your days, Bonny. I'd love to hear more about pepper paste! That sounds wonderful, and a great thing to have on hand for winter cooking. Here's to consistent electricity - and enough heat (we keep our really low, too). I'm thinking I might need one of those neck lights. . .

  4. Like Kym, we call that a Thanksgiving Sandwich and and it's one of my absolute favorites! No electricity is such a pain and a real reminder of how fortunate we are to have it. I think the not knowing when it's coming back is the worst part. And now you're prepared for next time, which hopefully means it won't happen again. I didn't have a reaction to my flu shot, and I'm glad!

  5. We got our "over 65s" as well AND the bivalent COVID shot. COVID is going through the firehouse and hopefully we can avoid it.

    Thinking about dinner ----------that Gobbler sure sounds great, but I'll probably stick with the chicken that is defrosting in the fridge.

  6. Thanks for the chili paste recipe! I was gifted a bunch of garden peppers in September and I didn't have the time or mental bandwidth to figure out what to do with them, so I washed and froze them. I will now make paste. I'll probably make "paste blobs," which is what we do with tomato paste when there's more in the can than a recipe calls for - just measure out the paste in 1 Tbsp blobs onto wax paper and freeze. After they're solid, you can peel them off and store them in a ziploc bag in the freezer. They are so easy to use that way. Chili paste blobs!!!

  7. Oh I like Janelle's idea of blobs! LOL And I'm so hungry right now - your dishes sound wonderful. Thanksgiving leftovers are my absolute favorites. Fletch and I both got the over (way over) 65 flu shots, but no reactions at all. Next up I need to schedule our 2nd Shingles shot. Oh boy! (Though we had no reactions to the first one anyway.) That light you've ordered looks perfect!

  8. John and I both got the high dose flu shot and Covid bivalent shots at the same time with very little reaction. I guess that means our immune systems are shot - LOL! I even got mine in the same arm, and my arm was just mildly sore. While I enjoy T'giving, I have to admit that my favorite part of the holiday is the days following when we only eat leftovers. I have a similar light, but I use it less than I thought I would. It's handy. I most often fuss and cuss about Trump, but it is fun to laugh at him when it's possible. Have fun at Ryan's!

  9. I know Amazon is hard on the local economy but boy are they convenient and mostly reliable. I had a knitting needle bend out of shape while in Connecticut. I got on Amazon and had one delivered the next day. I am also glad you and your back got a reprieve from the top-soil. I also love Thanksgiving. It's the perfect holiday - food, pie, whipped cream, gratitude, and good company without the fuss of decorating and the stress of gift-giving.

  10. the investments to a hit this year didn't they? I pay the bills and the home improvement ones are the painful ones but we knew we would have them, I just don't like them!!


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