Thursday, November 10, 2016

ToT and TWT, Too!

Since Ten on the Tenth and Think ... Write ... Thursday! have collided this month, our ToT topic for November is 10 Things You Enjoy About the Current Season, which also ties in with TWT. It's fall here and it's my absolute favorite so this is an easy one.

1.  The rich, beautiful, and awe-inspiring colors.
2.  The light. Spring and summer are verdant green, and winter is gray, but there is nothing like the golden glowing light of autumn.

3.  The delightfully cool weather with just enough warmth during the day and the crisp crunchiness of frost at night.
4.  It's the perfect season for wool - both knitting and wearing our handknits.

5.  Dark evenings make it easy to knit and/or read without guilt.
6.  Candles that provide just the right bit of light in the darkness.

7.  The coziness of soups, stews, and bread baking, which help warm the kitchen and the soul.
8.  Warming cups of hot tea make many things right with the world.

9.    Honeycrisp apples. I just tried my first ones and they are heavenly with honey chèvre.
10.  It's apple cider season. Cold, warm, mulled - the tart-sweet deliciousness can't be beat.

To me, there's just no denying fall's brilliant views and the contented, cozy feelings that autumn can bring. What are your favorite things about fall?

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  1. What beautiful photos! I'm certainly with you about loving this season (and I wish you could come share some of that home-baked bread smell in my kitchen!) It was wonderful today to take a few minutes to reflect on something good.

  2. This fall! Your photos are the perfect escape! The only thing better than brilliant autumn hues are those reflected in water. Perfect post and stunning photos, Bonny!

  3. Wonderful fall list, Bonny. I'm glad you included candles, too, they are a lovely thing to have lit when the days get shorter.

  4. Mmm. I think there was a ToT topic once about favorite soups/stews... I think it would be a good time to revisit some of those lists!! Your photos are gorgeous. The colors!!

  5. Perfect! You've captured all the BEST parts of fall -- words and images. Lovely.

  6. You fall photos are the best! #7 is now stuck in my head. I really must make soup tomorrow!

  7. Honeycrisp are my favorite apples, too! :)

  8. gorgeous!!! photos, you outdid yourself with the camera :) I love the cold crisp weather, being inside after dinner in the dark, wearing lots of wool and a coat.

  9. Beautiful photos! I love hot tea season (currently drinking cinnamon apple...yum) and the hunkering down. It's all good until about February! xo


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