Monday, November 14, 2016

Dona Nobis Pacem

Kat has already told us about Project Peace in her Friday links, but because I think it's so worthwhile to share this, I'm going to do my part to spread the news. 

Christina Campbell has been kind enough to design and generously share (it's free!) cowl pattern named Project Peace. She says it has a soothing stitch pattern with a a 4-row repeat. If we knit one repeat per day, at the end of 21 days or so we'll have a peaceful cowl. Christina will also be sharing tips on her blog on how to bring more peace into our lives. 

As soon as I saw this pattern on ravelry, I felt like it was just what I needed, coming into my life at just the right time. I created my project page, dug through my stash, and am now waiting peacefully to begin on Nov. 28th. If this sounds like something you might benefit from, please join in! I'm betting that many knitters have 435 - 550 yards of fingering weight yarn in their stashes, and if not, then hey, yarn shopping can also bring peace. 

No pressure, no deadlines, just the chance to join in this endeavor to bring our global knitting community together with a focus on peace. I think it may be just what the world needs now.

Grant us peace and go in peace.

Robert Seeley's Dona Nobis Pacem sung by the Portland Gay Men's Chorus


  1. I'm intrigued, I'll admit it. I started one of her cowls before and bailed on it because I didn't care for the pattern. I may give this one a shot, though, as I really like the concept.

  2. I think we should all be listening to Dona Nobis Pacem every day, every where, with everyone, and to everyone!

    I found my yarn this weekend - I can't wait to cast on. I am hopeful that all the Peaceful Knitters will overwhelm this world.

  3. I really like this idea too. Not sure I can do anything 21 days in a row but I may give it a shot!

  4. Christina's "A March Through Time" cowl from last year is one of my favorites! I am on board with Project Peace, for sure.

  5. Lovely idea. I enjoyed the video. Thank you.

  6. I think I need Project Peace in my life, too. XO

  7. I've queued the I have to find the yarn. I'm really wanting to use purple - and that lovely skien you sent me a while back would be perfect, but it's only 420 yards. Hopefully it will be easy to decide once she publishes more details.

  8. I knitted her March through Time cowl and won a blue ribbon at the State Fair. I love her philosophy as well as her design talents. I think the pattern is very simple and sophisticated at the same time. We can all use some more peace in our lives:)


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