Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Gratitude Week - Day 2

Today I'm expressing my gratitude for knitting and all that it has provided for me, and hopefully others that I've knit for.

Knitting has given me a way to express comfort, love, and care.

It has helped me welcome new babies and keep them warm and snuggly.

It has helped keep my sons' heads warm,

and their hands, too.

Knitting has kept me amused with narwhals,

and given me comfort and happiness with a seemingly endless string of Hitchhikers.

Knitting allows me to feel the softness and see the beauty of yarn, and admire the creativity and fearlessness in the projects of other knitters. Through knitting, I've been given camaraderie and friendship with other knitters, in addition to greatly appreciated support, encouragement, and many words of wisdom and caring.

Knitting is always there when I need it, and waits patiently when I don't have much time.
The knitting continues ...

and my heart is full of gratitude.


  1. AMEN! This is most certainly true. And, I am pretty sure you win the prize for the best knitting photos!

  2. what a beautiful and heart felt ode to knitting! I think you have summed up how I feel about it, and yet I've never thought of knitting in those words and in that way.

  3. I couldn't agree more. There's something wonderful about knitting for people we love and I'm full of gratitude for it, too.

  4. Perfectly said! And, I have to say, your photo styling is pretty great!!

  5. You are a very generous knitting. We all share this love and gratitude about our knitting. It must be the worlds greatest hobby!

  6. Lovely post and your knitting is extraordinary.

  7. I'm grateful for this post - thank you for writing it!

  8. (what Vicki said!) I'm really impressed with the creativity you put into those photos. Syrup and pancake mix (?!) and - of course - dinosaurs!!! Knitting is most definitely a blessing in my life and I'm happy to share that with you, my friend.

  9. I got dreadfully behind on my November blog posts . . . in just one day!!! I'm going to need to scramble to keep up with all the reading! (And I love it.) Knitting is such an important "thing" in my life -- so thanks for reminding me that I should think about it with gratitude (instead of feeling like I might be better off doing something "more productive"). Your knitting is fabulous -- thoughtful and full of love. And that hat with the critters? Just LOVE.

  10. What a wonderful post and I am grateful for knitting to as it's brought me you! And like Kym said...that critter hat is incredible!


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