Monday, January 25, 2016

The Big Dig Out

Just in case you haven't seen enough snow pictures from the east coast storm this weekend, I've got a few more. Here in central New Jersey we ended up with anywhere from 27" to 34", depending on where you measure; the official National Weather Service amount was 28.3". We had some drifts like this one that were over 40".

The wind scoured the snow away from the back corner of our house 
(thanks, wind, that was one less downspout I had to dig out!), but also managed to nearly
 bury my neighbor's cars. There is a Volkwagen under that pile of snow behind the
maroon van. The wind was fierce but thankfully we didn't lose power.

John and Justin waded through thigh-high snow to dig out the snowblower.

This mountain of snow at the end of the driveway may melt by March or April.

Here you can see some of the 34" walls of snow we had to dig through to
 clear the sidewalk.

It looks like I won't be hanging out any laundry for a while, not without putting on my
hip-high waders. My sister did point out I could hang short things. :-)

Here's Justin, our snow-clearing hero, relaxing in the sun after tunneling through one of the 40" drifts. He manned the snowblower while John and I shoveled all the places that aren't snowblower-accessible, then grabbed a shovel to help us dig out all the vehicles and aid his weary parents with the final clean up. It took the three of us six hours to dig out, and I'm so grateful we had Justin's help!


  1. Isn't is just AMAZING how that snow can pile up? So glad you've been able to dig yourselves out. I thought of you all weekend. That snow looks lovely -- but . . . What.A.Pain!

  2. The snow looks HEAVY, too! That is an amazing pile of snow to fall in a storm. SO happy you had the help of Justin. It was a family affair, which must have made it more fun. You did a fabulous job! We had a very manageable 6".

  3. That is a lot of snow - looks like one of our storms! I'm glad we only got 6" out of this one.

  4. As much as I was sad to not get any snow we had enough last year - I feel for ya! So happy you had Justin around to help!

  5. We got about 26 to 27 inches - or more - not really sure! My husband did a bit of shoveling on Saturday - but then the wind picked up and the snow was harder... he dug yesterday and today - and we are finally able to get out of the driveway!!

    Linda in VA

  6. nice snow!!! and how lovely to have a snow remover helping out. I did the front walk and that was enough for me :) Stay warm!!


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