Monday, January 4, 2016

My Year in Books

I've tried to figure out how to share my reading in 2015, and it looks like the easiest way may be through goodreads' compilation of My Year in Books.

In 2015 I read:
  • 83 books
  • 26,899 pages
  • 12 5-star books
  • 31 4-star books
  • 31 3-star books
  • 8 2-star books
  • 1 that I couldn't bring myself to award any stars (Hausfrau in case you're wondering.) 
Some of my favorites in 2015 include:

Some books that I'm looking forward to in 2016:
  • My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout. I loved Olive Kitteridge, thought that The Burgess Boys was just average, but I think I'll be listening to this one as soon as it's released on Jan. 12th.
  • Barskins by Annie Proulx. This won't be published until June and doesn't seem to be in goodreads yet, but since she's the author of The Shipping News, I have to give it a try.
  • A Doubter's Almanac by Ethan Canin
  • Pax by Sara Pennypacker. This is juvenile fiction, but the irresistible cover makes me want to read it.
 Here's hoping you have some time this year to enjoy a good book (or two)!
I'd love to hear what you're excited about reading in 2016.


  1. wow, you read a lot, your my reading hero! I loved a man called ove it was quite good :) I keep my goals low so I am successful and maybe exceed them.

  2. Excellent post! I've been trying to figure out how to share my books, too. It looks so pretty in good reads but I haven't been able to figure out a way to use that format. You did a great job incorporating the covers and stuff.

  3. Reading is one of the best things in life. You read from a wide variety of genres, which is admirable and something I need to incorporate into my reading life.

  4. Wonderful! Some things for me to check out! I'm going to try to keep track of my reading this year.

  5. Wow, you read double what I did last year! I do love these kinds of metrics.

  6. What a great year-in-books-review, Bonny. I'm planning to share something similar later this week -- and I may end up following your lead. We share a couple of books in our "top five" (A Man Called Ove and Mink River) -- and I can't wait for Annie Proulx's new one, either! Happy reading in 2016!

  7. This is just the best! I think I put 30 books in for my 2016 - maybe 35. I'm almost done listening to Mink River and have just started Eleanor and Park in the YA genre. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got to say about all this in the future!

  8. How is it even possible to read that many books in one year? Good job! What proportion were text and what proportion were audio?


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