Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's the Little Things

Since I've been writing down something good every day to put in my jar, I've begun to notice the little things and how much they mean to me in everyday life.
  • When I warm up my tea in the microwave, I always push the popcorn button (it heats for 2 minutes) because I love how this inanimate object tells me to"EnJOY".

  • This teeny, tiny, little O ring is a flow restrictor from our shower head. I had to call a plumber to resolve some issues and while he was here, I mentioned that the flow from our shower seemed to be getting worse. In about 30 seconds he unscrewed the showerhead and pried out the flow restrictor, fixing the problem perfectly.

  • I can hardly ever manage it myself, but I love that John and Justin can peel clementines in one piece. We put the peels on our radiators because they smell nice.

  • When John or Justin thanks me for dinner. It's happened twice this week so far, and it's only Wednesday!
  • Looking through old photo albums to find gems like these.


It really is the little things!
What little things make you happy?


  1. Those are great little things. And you are right, it IS the little things. Right now the little thing that is making me happy is a hot cup of coffee.

  2. It's not hard to find a world of small, as well as, large, things that make us happy. Thank you for the reminder to be aware!

  3. So many great little things! That first cup of coffee, watching Boone RUN to his food bowl (never gets old) and an excellent song on the radio just as your about to cross over to crabby!

    1. I can find thrills in the smallest things.... getting out to get a cup of hot cocoa at Starbucks yesterday (after being locked in the house for 4 days due to the snow) - made my day big time!

      Linda in VA

  4. LOVE it! You're so right. It is the little things. And thanks for sharing yours. :-) (I love the photo of your boys playing around with the front-loader. Also the Memorial Bathroom.)

  5. Little things are just the best! Like how excited the dog is to see you in the morning, like you have been gone forever but in reality they sleep in the same room! But their joy is just contagious!

  6. I think the little things are what make my world go round. I love after dinner closing the kitchen :) and my cup of tea and my knitting every single day!

  7. what a lovely list... and those photos! I think I crocheted that exact same ripple afghan (what's not to love about all the shades of brown :-) about 35 years ago.


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