Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Am Cam Finale

Scarlet didn't bloom on New Year's Day, but she did produce four bright red blossoms soon after. Her crimson flowers, along with Minerva's multitude of blooms
 has made for a lovely Am Cam finale.

I'll be cutting the flower stalks off after these blossoms die back, allowing the bulbs to grow their glossy green foliage and store some energy to hopefully bloom again next year.

I can't imagine getting through the rest of the winter without flowers blooming,
 but never fear.

The parade of hyacinths is about to begin!


  1. I love the difference in their heights - just like people. Okay, that's weird. But you know what I mean. And hyacinths will scream spring! Hurrah!

  2. I have two ams one of which will be blooming soon and one slowing coming along behind. I need to show them off, too! I'll be looking forward to your hyacinth show.

  3. Wow - just beautiful!

  4. My grocery store cheapo ams are working on a second round of blooms -- with "2nd stalks" growing fast. The hyacinths will be GREAT!

  5. what a spectacular finish! and hyacinths ... sigh... love their blooms and their smell. a lovely way to brighten up these dark dreary days!

  6. So beautiful! Oh my goodness, I can't wait for the hyacinths! (And why am I not doing this myself???)

  7. Such fun! And what Vicki said!!!


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