Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ten on Tuesday


I wasn't going to write a Ten on Tuesday post for today (10 Favorite David Bowie Songs) because I couldn't seem to think of ten David Bowie songs. When I gave the topic a little more consideration, I realized that so many of his songs had provided a sound track to my life over the years. So, in honor of his music and a great songwriter, musician, actor (he'll always be the Goblin King to me), collaborator, developer of personas, and man who greatly influenced music as we know it:
  1. Rebel, Rebel
  2. Changes
  3. Dancing in the Street
  4. Let's Dance
  5. Golden Years 
  6. Space Oddity
  7. Fame
  8. Modern Love 
  9. Young Americans  
Number ten is one of my favorites. David Bowie said that he appeared on Bing Crosby's Christmas special because "I just knew my mother liked him." That's a reason any mother can appreciate, and listen to what their partnership produced.

The New York Times says of David Bowie that "his message was that there was always empathy beyond difference", something we would all do well to remember, celebrate, and put into practice.


  1. I love that Bowie/Bing clip! I watch it each Christmas (when it seems to surface on the Facebooks) and always marvel at how much David Bowie crashed boundaries . . . for all of us.

  2. Great video! Your post is a reference point for David Bowie.

  3. That IS a wonderful message. I remember watching the show when Bowie and Crosby sang together. It was an historic moment but I'm not sure any of us realized it at the time.

  4. That was a great video! Thanks for sharing. I love your list of songs. Hope you have a great day

  5. Bowie's music was just past my formative years but he was ever present on the radio and it would be hard not to incorporate his songs into daily life. Thank you for sharing his important message.

  6. David and Bing - truly classic and the harmony was just spectacular! Great list!

  7. I actually saw that Christmas special, I remember being at home with my Mom watching it and falling in love with that song. And that message at the end...thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  8. I was always struck by the contrast between Bowie and Crosby, which is what made it special to me. Crosby, the embodiment of the pre-1960 world, warm and smooth on the outside, an ogre on the inside. Bowie, the androgynous boundary-challenger. Thanks for that video!

  9. Forgot to say, thanks for the Goblin King photo, too. That was one of Elder Son's favorite movies when he was a toddler. He would put on my high winter boots, which came up to his crotch, and *dance* in front of the TV as he watched. When Bowie snapped, "Quiet!" during the Dance, Magic Dance song, he always tried to bark it out in unison.

  10. #10!!!! it makes me smile that we both included the video in our posts...


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