Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Blueberry Time

This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is your 10 Favorite Things To Do With Blueberries.
  1. Blueberry pie - I tried this recipe from Carole last weekend, and it was delicious. No runny filling!
  2. Stain your white blouse with blueberry splatters while cooking the filling for blueberry pie. Maybe not really one of my favorite things, but it was inevitable.
  3. Blueberry muffins - This is an excellent recipe, even without the topping. I like to tell myself the muffins are healthier if I'm not sprinkling extra sugar on top. :-)
  4. Blueberry banana bread.- This used to be the only way I made banana bread, but with only two of us at home to eat it, I haven't made it in years. Maybe it's time...
  5. Use them in fruit salad.
  6. Blueberry pancakes
  7. Eat them plain! 
  8. Celebrate National Blueberry Month - It's July in the US, and August in Canada.
  9. Treat insanity - I was surprised to find a blueberry entry on WebMD, and even more surprised to read that "some people inhale the fumes of burning dried blueberry flowers for treatment of insanity." ?! Also not really one of my favorite things, but quite amusing nonetheless. 
  10. Blueberry jam - I used to make jams and jellies with my grandmother every summer. I really enjoyed it, but it did seem like a lot of work, especially sealing the jars with hot wax. This recipe for blueberry freezer jam looks so easy I might even try it. There's even a low or no-sugar version!
I hope you get a chance to enjoy some blueberries in your favorite ways, hopefully without any burning dried blueberry flowers!


  1. Treatment of insanity, huh? :-) That blueberry-banana bread sounds most excellent. Maybe I'll give that a try! (I think blueberries are good in pretty much anything.) Mmmm.

  2. Blueberry jam! There was a brand around here that I loved (semi-local), but it disappeared and I have not found a suitable substitute. I miss it so! Maybe I can try some blueberry freezer jam to fill my need. Thanks! (Blueberry stains are inevitable if one eats blueberries daily.) :/

  3. don't you hate when you stain something? I do it all the time and I even try to be careful....I think I'm just a sloppy person. I LOVE your pie!!

  4. I don't think I've ever had blueberry jam! Must fix that. Blueberry-Banana Bread sounds wonderful, too.

  5. That is one beautiful pie crust there! I've never been able to get that job done with much success. And I hope that you get that stain out!

  6. There were lots of families picking blueberries when we went the other day and I heard a mom talking with her child about making blueberry jam. It sounded wonderfully old-fashioned and made me want to try it. Your pie looks awesome!

  7. Ohhh I lvd the story: Blueberries for Sal. I love blueberries in baked goods, but not alone

  8. I didn't know that this was National Blueberry Month, but have been enjoying our blueberries anyway. Banana blueberry bread isn't something I'd have thought of on my own, so thanks for the suggestion. And yes to pancakes and fruit salad!

  9. #2 is definitely one of my problems.

    I love blueberry pie, but hardly ever make it because blueberries aren't as cheap and plentiful out here like they were when I grew up in PA. The soil is too alkaline. (I really miss Concord Grape Pie, too - but I've given up on that. It's too much work to seed the grapes, and I end up purple from fingertips to elbows.) I do get blueberries once in a while and just gobble them up straight or on yogurt or cereal.

  10. that pie looks amazing... and I LOVE the PI plate! (also the banana bread recipes - thank you!)


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