Monday, July 13, 2015

In the Orchard Today

We don't really have an orchard; just six dwarf fruit trees that are difficult to mow around. In the past five or six years since we planted them, they have only provided enticement for the neighborhood deer, but absolutely no fruit. Imagine my excitement today when I spied
something growing.

 Two apples!

 An apricot!

More apricots! Right now, they're hard, green, and look a bit beat up 
(maybe from hail storms we've had over the last several weeks?) but there are 
eleven of them, so the fruit crop is looking better than it ever has. 

There's probably a saying about don't count your fruit until it ripens, 
but things are looking pretty good in the orchard today!


  1. I think that's definitely cause for celebration! and I hope the other trees show some signs of bearing fruit so you can share that with us, too. Even if you don't get anything else, two apples and eleven apricots will be divine, I'm sure!

  2. How exciting! We had a peach tree in the yard when I was growing up and I loved it.

  3. It is so exciting to see fruit the trees! Every year we wonder how our trees will fare and with our up and down spring we were surprised to find the peach tree triple loaded (had to thin them out!), the apple trees packed full, and even a few pears, but sadly, not a single apricot. Spring is capricious.

  4. aww we have never done fruit trees. I think you need some elevation? We are flat here in Chicago. Our neighbors pear tree is just a nuisance. The bees get to them after the squirrels and they drop in our yard and create a mess. Oh my that sounded awful..sorry

  5. Oh my! That is really exciting!!!! I'd love to have a fruit tree (or two!) in my yard.

  6. Very exciting Bonny! You really are a farmer! ;-)


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