Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - AAA*

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Favorite American Artists, or, if you prefer, 10 Favorite American Paintings. This is an interesting one that I'm betting might just be related to Carole's Heritage Museums and Gardens visit.
*Awesome American Art 
So, my 10 Favorite American Paintings:

1. The Big Oak, Andrew Wyeth
My mother loved Christina's World, and took us to The Philadelphia Art Museum many times to see it, along with lots of other Wyeth works. This is one of my favorites because it's so realistic.

2. Niagara Falls, William Morris Hunt
Every time I've been to Niagara Falls, I think the effect of that much water rushing over the abyss of the falls is almost dizzying. This painting captures the colors and that feeling for me.

3. Long's Peak, Estes Park, Colorado, Albert Bierstadt
I love this view in real life and I love how Bierstadt captured it.

4. Dark Hollow Road, Taylor Oughton
My husband grew up on Dark Hollow Road and my mother-in-law still lives there. As soon as I saw this painting at the Michener Art Museum, I recognized the scene. It really does look like that in the fall.

5. Peaceable Kingdom, Edward Hicks
I like the sentiment and idea that this painting conveys.

6. Freedom from Want, Norman Rockwell
Another painting that shows a scene I like along with the accompanying emotions.

7. Oriental Poppies, Georgia O'Keefe
I appreciate this painting because O'Keefe captured the colors of the poppies perfectly. I can't even do that in a photograph of my poppies!

8. Cape Cod Morning, Edward Hopper
Another painting that I like because of the colors.

These last two are my very favorite American paintings, by artists unknown to most of the American art-viewing public. I'm lucky enough to know them and love them!
9. Bedded Elk, Jim Becker
My brother-in-law painted this for us as a wedding present, on a wicker tray that he rescued from the trash at his great-grandparents' farm. Jim is no longer with us, so it's even more special, but I think of him every day when I see it on our mantel.

10. Self Portrait, Justin Becker
Justin had an art teacher in middle school that seemed to delight in thinking up difficult assignments, and then criticizing her students endlessly. For this one, he had to do a self portrait in the style of another artist, and his assigned artist was Georgia O'Keefe. He agonized over this for weeks, but after being frustrated to the point of tears, he completed this wonderful painting. I love his creativity and use of color, and the fact that he didn't let this difficult teacher get him down completely. She may have succeeded in sucking out most of his enjoyment in art that year (kind of like an art-dementor?) but I love his painting and enjoy it every day when I see it on our dining room wall, so Justin wins!


  1. Justin DEFINITELY wins!!! (An art teacher who takes the joy out of creating art . . . my son had one of those, too.) What a lovely collection of paintings, Bonny. I LOVE that Hopper . . .

  2. Your list is awesome and I love that you included 2 family members!

  3. what a wonderful list. I ve so enjoyed it. Hands down the last one, ear is the winner for me too

  4. I don't remember ever seeing that particular Edward Hopper painting -- it is lovely the way it evokes the feeling of a clear summer morning.

    An art teacher who makes her students hate art. Dementer is too good a title for her. (Elder Son had a nursery school teacher like that. He refused to pick up a crayon for years afterward. When I found out how much he disliked her, we did a sort of exorcism -- wrote her name on a piece of paper and burned it on the front step.)

  5. What a fantastic list! It's sad that the art teacher was a dementer. :(

  6. I love seeing the paintings instead of just a list!

  7. I love Wyeth, too.
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  8. Some lovely choices here. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a great list... and yes, I think Justin's self-portrait is the winner. (He had a few dementer teachers, didn't he?!) The paintings you included really do show a lot of the breadth of American art. For a relatively new country, we're very diverse!

  10. I'm so glad you showed the paintings! Justin's is terrific!!

  11. That made me cry! Good for Justin. Lovely art Bonny - thank-you!


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