Thursday, July 9, 2015

In the Garden Today

A bushel of string beans. This is actually a half bushel basket, but my back
 says that it has bent over to pick at least a bushel (maybe even two)!


 Zucchini flowers

Cucumber blossoms are even prettier.

Tomatoes that grow larger every day, but no hint of red yet.

Brown-eyed susans

and some purple Coneflowers that seem intent on taking over

But the marigolds are still managing to bloom in spite of the encroaching Echinacea.


  1. summer's bounty for sure! lovely photos...and some delicious eats in your very near future!

  2. Oh those beans! And I really like those cone flowers. Looks like this is going to be a great summer for your garden!

  3. Your garden is so vibrant and full! Ours is behind and I'm super envious of your bean crop!

  4. gorgeous garden and beans are my all time favorite!!

  5. Oh my back hurts for you. Love your images. Our tomatoes don't even have blossoms yet...oh dear


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