Thursday, July 23, 2015

Book Bingo - Two Months In

We're two months into Summer Book Bingo (I'm playing by Mary's May 23 through September 7 rules), and it's time for me to give myself a progress report. It feels like I'm making reading progress, so I hope I don't feel differently once I've written it all down here.

What I'm Currently Reading:
What I've Read So Far:
What I Plan to Read Next:
Unplanned Squares (So Far):
  • Found in a used bookstore
  • Graphic novel
  • Currently on the bestseller list [I am really surprised by how many crappy (imho) books are on the NYT fiction bestseller list. I don't think I'll be reading Grey!]
  • That you chose because of the cover
  • Cozy mystery 
I had hoped to complete most of my books by the end of this month, which would leave August for a relaxed reading of my "At least 800 pages" choice, Centennial, but I don't realistically see myself finishing three current reads plus those five pesky unplanned squares in the next eight days (especially because this is supposed to be fun)! There are still more than six and a half weeks (47 days!) left, so I think I'm on track to cover my card and still not have to read/behave like a crazy person.

How's your summer reading? I hope everyone finds some time for a good book or two, enjoyed on the beach, front porch, or relaxing spot of your choosing, no matter whether you're participating in Book Bingo or not!


  1. You're making excellent progress, Bonny! :-)

  2. Sounds like you've got it all under control. For the bestseller read I recommend Judy Blume's new book In The Unlikely Event. I just finished it and it's quite good.

  3. You're making good progress! Glad I didn't join the Bingo as I just haven't had a chance to read that many books this summer.

  4. I am so impressed! I'm hoping for a Bingo at least. We'll see. I wasted 3 weeks trying to get into The Shipping News and finally put it down and read a book in two days!

  5. my favorite thing is that your "number book" has Pi in it... it's perfect - and I'm so glad you found a book (which hopefully you're enjoying!) - of course you still have plenty of time to read the rest.. assuming you figure out those blank squares and don't get bogged down in the first 50 pages of Centennial (as I am wont to do with Michener...) I swapped out my 800 page read last night - instead of Outlander #4, I'm going to tackle 11/23/63. Which my sister is lending me (and lots of folks have loved...fingers crossed it goes fast!)

  6. I gave up on my book bingo when I realized there was no way I could match up the books on my shelf with the squares. So once again I have a pile of TBR from the library. Oh, woe is me (not).


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