Friday, July 4, 2014

What, Me Worry?

Yes, I do, and here are a couple of the big reasons why.

 Local motorcycle gang heads out for a ride

My husband has ridden and owned motorcycles since he was twelve or so, but several decades and three back surgeries later, he no longer has the strength nor reflexes of a young invincible. Youngest Son decided he needed a motorcycle when he was seventeen. In NJ, you have to take a motorcycle safety course to be able to get a license, so while I understand logically that Youngest Son has learned all the things he should do, has four years of riding experience, and Husband has many, many years and miles of riding experience, that still doesn't keep me from worrying about loose gravel, potholes, deer, and oblivious drivers. I'm always happy to hear the sound of returning motorcycles revving back down the driveway.

Oldest Son doesn't ride a motorcycle, but he is attempting to climb one (or two!) of Colorado's Fourteeners this weekend, so that will give me something else to worry about! (Here's why.)


  1. yikes! I'm glad no one in my family is remotely interested in motorcycles...I've got enough other stuff to worry about!!

  2. Oh, my! Motorcycles and mountains will certainly give a Mom heart palpitations! Hope everyone made it through the weekend, unscathed!


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