Friday, June 27, 2014

All Right, Everyone. Go Back to Your Knitting!*

I have been knitting, but have not been very good at documenting. Let's open the project bags and see what lurks within.

I love this pattern (it's my third Hitchhiker!) and really love the yarn, but I'm beginning to think my neighbor may sneak over at night and tink everything I've knit that day. I'm up to 37 points, but would probably progress farther and faster if I quit falling asleep at night while knitting.

I may have to name this project "Please Don't Retire Until I Finish Your Scarf, Arlene!" My husband's secretary is a wonderful person who makes his work life run smoothly so he's not too grumpy when he comes home. I started this back in April, a week before Secretary's Day. Feather and Fan is one of my absolute favorite patterns, and how hard can it be to knit a simple scarf in a week? Apparently too hard for me, because here it is unfinished, two months later. Arlene is retiring at the end of this year, so I decided to make it a retirement gift rather than give her an unblocked 14-inch scarf for Secretary's Day.

These should be called "The Socks of Shame". I started them over 3 years ago for my sister, have worked on them here and there, but still haven't finished. My sister deserves better, and a finished pair of socks.

 It's time to heed the wise words of Dante: "The secret of getting things done is to act! knit!"

*Fred Weasley, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Movie


  1. I often fall asleep while knitting. . . Sad, but true. (And I also have lingering-socks on the needles.) Life. It gets in the way of progress sometimes!

  2. That's a lot of fingering weight yarn and that never goes very fast! Love the mix of colors and patterns!

  3. Love each project and nothing wrong with having many on the needles! I love starting projects-best feeling ever!!

  4. They are all beautiful projects! I tend to stall too. One pair of socks a year and then whatever else may or may not get finished!


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