Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Hippo Birdy Two Ewe Edition!

This weeks Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Ways to Wish Someone Happy Birthday. My birthday was just a little over a week ago on June 15th, so I was lucky enough to be the recipient of some wonderful ways to wish someone Happy Birthday very recently.

1. Say it in person. 
My husband and Youngest Son were at home this year, so it was quite a pleasure to wake up and have them tell me "Happy Birthday" first thing in the morning.

2. Send a card.
I received some lovely cards and it's always a pleasure to get "real" mail and know that others have thought about you.

3. Say it with a lovely, heartfelt, personal message.
My mother-in-law sent me the nicest, most heartfelt message this year. It is definitely one that I'll save and treasure!

4. Say it with a gift you know they'll love. 
My sister started knitting last winter, and now has the ability to choose perfect knitting gifts. This year she got me a plethora of knitting-related gifts, including yarn, bags, earrings, and hand cream. Every one of them is something I would have chosen for myself and am very grateful for.

5. Call.
Oldest Son lives 1700 miles away and we had just returned from visiting him, but he knew the way to his mother's heart was to call and wish her Happy Birthday. Since it was also Father's Day, he got to score good son points by wishing us both happy days with one phone call!

6. Send them wishes in an email.
My sister-in-law recently got an ipad and I'm the lucky beneficiary since we communicate much more now that she has an easy, enjoyable way to do it. She sent me a wonderful email, complete with gorgeous photos of her flowers that she knew I would enjoy.

7. Celebrate with breakfast, dinner, or by doing the dishes.
It doesn't have to be fancy, but these are all ways that people have wished me Happy Birthday and I appreciate each one. I'm usually the one that has to do these chores and it's a pleasure to have someone else take over on your special day.

8. Say it with cake.
I've reached the age where I really need to think about whether calories are worth it, but on a birthday, cake is definitely worth it for me. Whether it's chocolate cake with butter cream icing from the bakery, homemade zucchini cake, or even birthday blueberry pie, nothing says Happy Birthday like cake!

9. Say it with flowers.
One of the best presents I ever received was when we had just moved into our first house in Syracuse. When I came home from having to work on my birthday (on a weekend!) my husband had created a rose garden for me. He had dug, planted, and mulched a beautiful flower bed in the front of the house, and even added a smaller one in the back. I wish I had pictures (I do, just not digital), but it's something I'll always remember.

10. Show that you really care by not throwing a party (surprise or not)!
Personally, I really prefer a low-key, simple celebration, and the thought of a party makes me cringe. I know not everyone feels that way, so I really love that my family has respected this and never thrown me a party!

What's your best way to wish someone a Happy Birthday? 


  1. Perfect list, Bonny! I like to bombard people with messages on their birthday -- a card, a text, a Facebook post, a call. It's so nice to know that friends are thinking of you on your birthday!

  2. Great list! I personally love cake, so that is one of my favorites! How sweet of your mother in law - I'm sure you will save that message forever.

  3. I agree with Kym. You can't do too much to let someone know you care. You're m-i-l must be a grand person. You have some great experiences to share. I'm more of a low key celebrator, too, but what's a girl to do.

  4. You just reminded me to go preheat the oven to bake the blueberry pie for my husband's birthday today -- thanks! He is like you in preferring a low-key celebration. Glad your recent birthday was everything you like!


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