Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Please Ignore the Dust!

This week's Ten on Tuesday is quite interesting - 10 Things About My (Favorite Piece of Furniture). I've spent the morning dithering about what my favorite piece of furniture is, would I have to dust it to take pictures, could I write ten things, and generally making this more difficult than it needed to be. So, 10 Things About My Desk!

1.  This is my bill-paying, try-to-stay-organized desk in the kitchen.
2.  I love the small size that fits perfectly in the corner, like it was meant to be there.
3.  I love the bookshelf on the bottom. The fact that it is small forced me to weed out my cookbooks and keep only the essentials I really use.
4.  I love that the top is covered with things that are important - my great-grandmother's cookie recipe, ink wells, insulators, and small bottles that my kids dug out of the dirt in our back yard and proudly presented to me, bird feathers that they've collected over the years, and a Snuggle bear that Youngest Son gave me years ago. This was the highest gift that could be bestowed at the time, and I treasure both the bear and the memory.
5.  The desk was a Christmas present from my husband 16 years ago.
6.  He brought it home from an auction, thrilled that he had only paid $30.
7.  I was not entirely thrilled because the whole thing was completely painted over with white paint with a less than lovely aquatic scene inside with orange, purple, and multicolored fish!

8.  He spent a lot of time removing the garish paint and refinishing the lovely oak. I didn't peek during the process, but remained sceptical.
9.  When he brought it in after his refinishing, I almost couldn't believe it was the same desk.
10. I'm very glad for the reminder of how much I love my little desk. I look at it and use it every day, so it's too easy for me to take it for granted.

Look, no fish!

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  1. Such a sweet desk, great story

  2. Your husband did a fantastic job of taking the desk back in time! It's full of the wonderful gifts life gives us along the way.


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