Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Thresholds

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is another interesting one: 10 Thresholds You Cross Every Day. This one has made me think...

1.  My motivation threshold
This is the one that gets me up and out of bed in the morning. Some days my motivation is my morning stimulant beverage; other days it's a long to-do list, but overcoming my get-out-of-bed threshold is always tough.

2.  My bedroom door threshold
Because our house is old and has been added on to several times, my bedroom threshold has a small step down. I've been crossing this threshold for almost 25 years and sometimes that little step down is still a surprise!

3.  The threshold into the kitchen
This is where my day really starts - with tea, dishes from a 21-year-old eating in the early hours of the morning, dinner planning and preparation, and sitting at the table pondering my day.

4.  The threshold from the kitchen to the cellar
We're lucky to have Youngest Son here at home over the summer (probably for the last time!), so I have enough laundry that I need to do a load or so a day. It's not all his, but truck repair, motorcycle repair, gardening, work, exercise clothing, towels, and sheets all add up to quite a bit of laundry, which needs to get done in the cellar.

5.  The threshold from the cellar to the backyard
This heavy old door with a latch that I can barely move in humid weather leads out to the clothesline where I hang most of my laundry. It's also the threshold to the garden, flowerbeds, watering and outdoor chores.

6.  The threshold into the garden
We live in a small town but it's still rural enough that we have a marauding herd of deer. I don't mind sharing with them, so they're welcome to help themselves to my violets, roses, hostas, ivy, and bird seed, but I'm not so good at sharing our garden produce. This fence and threshold helps remind them that good guests don't eat everything in sight. If only the rabbits and groundhogs had also gotten that memo!

7.  The threshold deeper into the cellar
This isn't a pretty Martha Stewart type of picture, but it is one of the more impressive thresholds that I cross every day. This very substantial stone threshold is the doorstep into the depths of the cellar where we have pantry shelves and our large freezer. I cross it every day and marvel at its size and durability every time.

8.  The threshold into Youngest Son's room
This is where I drop off clean clothes and leave quickly so I don't trip over shoes, archery equipment, motorcycle parts, or things that I'm better off not naming.

9.  My nonsense threshold
I may not cross this one every day, but I do have a low tolerance for nonsense, pseudoscience, and just plain BS. Sometimes it seems like sources are everywhere, from new town laws (don't put your trash out before 5 pm because it's trashily unattractive) to politics or stupid stuff on facebook. I have to remind myself to step back from this threshold:

10. My creative threshold
At the end of the day I almost always sit down to read, knit, or both. Over the years this has increasingly become a necessity and not just a luxury. Reading takes me over the threshold to other people, thoughts, places, times, and cultures. Knitting, especially with the thrill of new yarn and a new project, takes me over the creative threshold to possibilities!

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  1. ahhh...the charms of an old home. yours looks like it was built to last forever! enjoyed the mix of real and virtual thresholds - I'm sure you're looking forward to crossing that creativity threshold at some point today (and I hope you didn't get anywhere close to the nonsense one!)

  2. I really like #1 and #10. Especially #10.

  3. What a great area that cellar is! Mine is old and stone and dirt and crawl space and someplace I never venture! I hope you get to #10 today as well. It helps us with #9!

  4. Love your old house and its interesting thresholds. Your #9 & #10 are perfection.

  5. The stone threshold in your cellar is so cool! The creative threshold is certainly the best one of all. I love the "Not my circus, not my monkeys". I may have to put that in my office....

  6. What a wonderful post, Bonny! I love your take on all the thresholds you cross every day -- the emotional AND the actual. (That motivation threshold is Huge, non?)


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