Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Reruns, Replays, and Repeats Edition

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Patterns You Could Knit Again...and again...
I'm definitely a repeat (non-adventurous!) knitter, so this is an easy list for me. I can't wait to see everyone's lists of repeat favorites!

1.  Hitchhiker
This is one of my absolute favorite patterns - it's perfect travel/waiting/drinking wine knitting and you can use almost any colorway. I've knit it three times, and have just cast on for my fourth!

2.  Corrugator
This is my favorite squishy winter scarf pattern, one I've knit five times. Once was out of yarn that was far too scratchy, but I finally reached perfection when I knit it with some lovely alpaca for my bil.

3.  Narwhals!
I'm not a toy knitter and I also don't like fiddly knitting, but for some reason I became slightly obsessed/enamored with this narwhal pattern and had to make a pod of three of them.

4.  Monkey Bread
I've only knit this scarf twice, and they were both gifts, so I'd like to knit this one again as an infinity scarf for me. Of course, I would use mink and cashmere yarn again!

5.  Gust
This is another favorite Anne Hanson pattern that I've knit twice. I just love the wavy pattern and easy knitting.

6.  Joan's Socks
My mil always has cold feet but has no interest in handwashing wool socks, so I've made these with washable Wool-Ease for her five times as Christmas gifts.

7.  Antler Hat
I love the cables on this hat so I've knit it twice. It's a perfect baby hat so I may be making a few more.

8.  Christine's Stay On Baby Booties
This is my go-to baby bootie pattern that I've knit many, many times, and will hopefully knit it again and again in the future.

9.  Waffle Hat
I've only knit this one twice, but both times have been in the same yarn, same color. Oldest Son liked the one I made for my bil so much that he requested one exactly the same. 

10. Feather and Fan
Probably my favorite stitch pattern, I've used it for cowls, a baby blanket, and several scarves.
The only bad thing about making this list is that it makes me want to knit some of my favorites yet again! What are some of your favorite reruns, replays, and repeats?

Head over to Caroleknits to see what everyone else has to say! 


  1. Oh this post will have me back on Ravelry favoriting more patterns :) Great list!

  2. Great patterns. Some to add to my Ravelry favorites.

  3. Hitchhiker is a great pattern - especially for hand spun. Those baby booties are adorable!

  4. I hear you. Trying to keep from casting on repeats myself.

  5. Great list - I'm going to check out that Monkey Bread now!

  6. this is a great list...and all 10 patterns are ones I haven't knit. thanks for the great ideas!

  7. Much thanks for that baby bootee pattern! I made similar ones when my younger son was a baby but have no idea what happened to the pattern. This may become my go-to baby gift!

  8. I love the narwhal pod!!!! (Are you finished with that one? Or will the pod grow larger????) And I'm not quite sure how I missed Monkey Bread --- I love it! (And feather-and-fan is my favorite stitch pattern, too. Although I always seem to screw it up in new and fantastic ways.)

  9. Corrugator is a great pattern! And I may need to whip up a pair of those booties for my trip to CO! (Not for Dan!!!)

  10. The narwhal's made me laugh out loud! SO fun and cute. All of your favorites are perfect all round projects and gifts.


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