Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pick, Process, Preserve, and Pickle

These first days of August have been busy in terms of the garden. We're engaged in ongoing battles with greedy groundhogs and rampant rabbits, but they have still left me with enough produce that I can't keep up with it all, so I've been picking, processing, preserving, and pickling to try and save some of that garden goodness for the depths of winter.
The tasty tally so far:
  • 16 quarts of string beans blanched and frozen
  • 14 bags of shredded zucchini frozen
  • 6 loaves of zucchini bread frozen
  • 6 quarts of tomato juice frozen
  • 7 gallons of dill pickles pickled (Yes, we like pickles and the cucumbers went crazy this year.)
  • 4 quarts of cucumber relish is resting until tomorrow

and we have half a watermelon for dinner! (We ate the other half five minutes after picking it last night.)

We've never successfully grown watermelons before, but this is our first, and it is delicious! In the next couple of weeks we may be lucky enough to be inundated with too many watermelons at once, but if that happens, I'm just going to inject the extras with vodka and distribute them to deserving neighbors!


  1. Bonny, wow! everything looks so fresh and delicious. (and I wish I lived close enough to get one of those spiked watermelons ;-)

  2. What a terrific harvest you're getting!!! You've been incredibly busy -- and all of your hard work will pay off as you enjoy the fruits (or veggies. . .) of your labor for months to come! (Wish I was a deserving neighbor. . .)

  3. Oh, to be your neighbor! You are one busy woman! My mother pickled cucumbers into as many varieties of pickles there are under the sun. Your garden out did ours by miles!! Enjoy!

  4. That is so great! We had a very successful cuke, zucchini and summer squash season too. My neighbor that I share the garden with just delivered a butternut to my door last night also! Now if we could get a few of those tomatoes to ripen up a bit!


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