Monday, October 22, 2018


It was a lovely fall weekend here in central NJ. There was plenty of garden clean-up, pruning, and hopefully a final mowing. We've had several frosts, but not a really hard one yet. I spied a woolly bear on the mums.

His reddish middle section looked pretty large to me, so maybe a harsh winter? I'm going to continue to look for more. I've only seen two so far and need a bigger sample size.

We had guests for dinner on Friday, so I made Kat's apple cake for dessert. It was perfect - easy and delicious! I used one tsp. of vanilla and three Tbsp. of whiskey and everyone loved the taste. There were four of us for dinner, and not a crumb was left.

There was puppy wine from Justin's girlfriend. She's a vet. tech. and lives about an hour south of us, so she was very kind to drop off some wine she got at a shelter fund raiser. It goes well with apple cake, which I made again on Sunday when we had unexpected guests for dinner.

I was looking forward to enjoying a little piece with my tea this morning, but just like on Friday, not a crumb was left. So, thank you, Kat! Because of your cake (it's called Kat's cake in my recipe box now) we had a delicious weekend.

How was yours?


  1. That sounds wonderful. And now I want apple cake for breakfast!

  2. I have made Kat's cake (which I don't call Kat's cake, because I've had Dori Greenspan's recipe book in my kitchen for years) (but maybe I'll start calling it that now), and it IS wonderful. I think I'll make it again. Because now I want it for breakfast, too.
    (And . . . Justin's girlfriend wins Extra Bonus Points for the puppy wine!)

  3. That apple cake looks delicious!!!

    A friend saw a wooly bear with not much orange. He said that meant a cold winter. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  4. I see you've got my friend Jack in the house...:-) I'm going to make Kat's cake goodness that looks good. And yes...big points for the wine!

  5. I've printed the recipe! Hope to make next weekend. It looks amazing. And, agreeing with everyone else, Justin's girlfriend does get extra points for the wine!

  6. Oh, puppy wine! And (Kat's) apple cake! I've been thinking about apple crisp all weekend (easy to make it GF) and now I MUST make some!

  7. Oh I LOVE the puppy wine. and a TWO cake weekend! (sigh, we still have many black and white cookies AND cheesecakes left and neither of those are nearly so good with coffee).

  8. Great wine Lable. I stopped at the farmstand and bought carmel apples for zach, zuchinni bread for us and and cheese in a tub. Wisconsin thing..........
    all delicious

    1. She is a certified vet. tech. and cares about all types of animals.I'm afraid she might ta;l me into a dog eventually, but puppy wine is good for now!

  9. Yum. That cake sounds delicious. I made an apple crisp that was also good. My husband and I were talking about wooly bears yesterday. I saw two earlier in the season but haven't seen hide nor hair of another since. There were lots and lots of acorns falling in Connecticut. My oldest grandson thinks that is a sign of lots of snow days! Ha.

  10. Okay, I need to make apple cake this weekend!

  11. That apple cake is extra delicious with yogurt on top! Makes it the perfect breakfast meal, if you ask me! Ha!!

    I spied one woolly bear yesterday and he had a huge band of red... if that helps in your determinations!

  12. what a wonderful weekend and apple cake sounds just as good as apple pie, minus the calories in that double crust I use.


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