Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. There's been no unraveling of knitting this week, but I'm going to own up to to some unraveled thinking. 

When I come down to MD I pack a knitting bag with one or two knitting projects. It's usually just what I'm working on currently, and maybe a back up, just in case. I'm not sure what happened this week, but I was living in a dream world very optimistic.

I brought Ryan's fingerless mitts (which still aren't done), my almost completed Match & Move, a half-finished Hitchhiker, and a Hitchhiker that I've been fiddling around with, but have only progressed as far as two teeth. Four projects is really quite laughable, especially when I'm having trouble completing one. I'm going back to NJ tomorrow, and will try to pack more realistically next time.

I did get two books by Anne Lamott from the library this week, Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope, and Repair and Almost Everything: Notes on Hope. Given the general state of things, I was desperate to feel even a smidgen of hope after the Supreme Court hearings. I've never read anything by Anne Lamott before, and she has her own distinctive style, but reading these is helping me to see a tiny glowing ember of hope. 

What are you making and reading this week?


  1. I am ALWAYS overly optimistic when it comes to taking knitting along! I think it's part of the Knitter's Code . . . or something. I'm reading Kate Atkinson's newest - Transcription - with mixed feelings so far. (It's no Time After Time. Just sayin.)

  2. I am with Kym... Knitter's Code demands that you pack in case there is some sort of apocalypse coming! I always pack WAY more things that I could ever knit!

    But those books! Thank you they have been added to my queue!

  3. I’m always hopeful when I take along knitting projects, and subsequently take too much. Even this last trip (2000 miles round trip) I only knit two long rows on an easy garter stitch shawl, whereas I had available enough for 3-4 projects.
    Reading; at present “The Mars Room” by R. Kushner, one in the Booker Man shortlist and a memoir by Doris K. Goodwin “Wait Till Next Year” because I am going to a book event later in the month in which she is speaking.
    I just finished “A Separate Peace” by J. Knowles which was so good - since watching ‘The Great American Read’ on tv, it has made me realize there are a lot of classics I have not read.

    1. I am glad to hear that most other knitters are as overly prepared as I am. The Great American Read also has me thinking about classics. I read quite a few in high school, but that was many, many decades ago. I thought I at least remembered some of the plot of A Separate Peace, but I was completely wrong when I checked. Next time I'm at a loss for what to read, I think I will return to some of the classics.

  4. I am still trying to slog my way through Tom Hanks' book Uncommon Type. It's a little strange, but I'm working my way through.

  5. I think as knitters we like to have options and you were just exercising all of your options!!

  6. I always overpack, in knitting projects and in general. I'd rather have too many projects than not enough, especially because you never know when something might happen and you get stranded somewhere. Even if you don't *need* all the projects, it's also nice to have choice.

  7. Well, you never know what kind of knitting mood you might be in when the urge strikes, right? It all fit in the bag, so who cares? After all, it ain't heavy, i'ts my knitting (and your sanity in some situations). I am not knitting this week, but I always say that lately. Too much to do! I like Anne Lamott's style, but not always her subjects. I haven't read her in a while. I did something that made me feel good today, I voted! In this neck of the woods, I often feel like my vote is wasted, but it makes me feel good to do it and hope.

  8. I'm heading to Rhinebeck this weekend, where there will be no shortage of inspiration, material, and tools... and yet, I am stressing over what projects to bring (partly because flying and my preference for long straight metal needles).

  9. I think your project packing is perfect - you never know what you might be in the mood to work on ... and yikes! what if something happened and you had to stay in MD longer than you planned??!! I enjoy Anne Lamott and I'm looking forward to her latest - agree 100%+ that we need HOPE!

  10. Knitting is easy to carry back and forth and you never know what might strike your fancy in any given moment. I've read several Anne LaMott's and find some not as strong as others, but any hope is worth searching for. I've got a few knitting irons in the fire, too. I've hit a period of start-its and distraction...but who knows what will come of it! Something good, I hope!

  11. I take knitting to work and I make sure it is dead simple so I can pick up and go. I love Anne Lamott anything. I have to add her new book to my wish list.


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