Friday, October 12, 2018

Monarch on Mums

We had six inches of rain throughout the day yesterday, followed by strong winds overnight, but now the storm has passed and fall is finally blowing in on 20 mph winds. I have windows open to to get rid of the humid, stuffy air, and my spirit feels revived by the fall breeze. I feel like I can finally buy mums, so when I was adding that to my list this morning, it reminded me of these monarch on mums photos I took back in 2011.

His wings looked a little bedraggled, but still beautiful. I think their epic migration takes a big toll and he was miles away from the usual coastal path through NJ.

I was glad that the mums were blooming profusely as there wasn't much else to provide nectar and pollen in November.

You can tell that he is a male by the "eye spots" on his hind wings.

I like to think that his perseverance and a resting place on my mums in the fall sunshine for several hours before he flew away helped him make it to Mexico.

The fall migration is currently underway; you can see a map of sightings here. I'm going to be out looking for monarchs myself in NJ and MD. Wishing you a good weekend, and maybe even a monarch sighting or two.


  1. Those photos are beautiful! We've got that rain now, it started yesterday afternoon (my drive home from work was definitely NOT fun) and it's supposed to continue until lunch time. I keep thinking about the devastation in Florida and I'm so glad we are only catching the edge of this storm.

  2. And NOW I know how to tell the boys from the girls. :-)

  3. I saw one on the Butterfly Bush yesterday... I should have wished it good travels! Have a great weekend!

  4. The Monarch Migration is always a wonder to me (and Hummingbirds...and others...) - to have that stamina and drive. Great photos Bonny.

    We did not get that much rain (thankfully) but the breezes and cooler temps are so welcome. I feel like a new person!

    Wishing you the best weekend!

  5. Beautiful! I'm sure he made it! We've got the wind now but hopefully it will settle so we can sit outside this evening. Have a wonderful weekend Bonny!

  6. What a lovely photo! I spied a Monarch in my yard just last week, which is very unusual. I noticed from the map that sightings are in Sept/Oct here, so I guess s/he was right on schedule. We have finally cooled off here, and it was very welcome. Fall has arrived in the Midsouth. Before too long, I will get to bitch about winter - LOL!

  7. Journey North is a really neat site . Thanks!!!! I'm going to try to plant milkweed again to try to get some to grow for them. SO far I've not been successful. I find monarchs just so pretty!

    1. Monarchs are beautiful, and it would be lovely to see them more often. Good luck with milkweed!

  8. Those are beautiful photos, Bonny - Michael left behind glorious fall weather for us, too - I think we'll be able to get mums this week. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. where I babysit they live on a hill and there are fields everywhere, right next to their lawn is a field of clover and the butterflies are in abundance!!

  10. Your photos are wonderful and I'm so glad you were able to share photos taken that long ago. We finally have sun, then it will be freezing again, and then we'll have more sun! Yay!


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