Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.

I had hoped to have an FO to show you, but miscounting and unraveling have prevented me from doing that this week. Instead, I'll tell you the good news.

In my continuing efforts to explore Elkton, I went to the one and only coffee place, East Main Cafe. Ryan and I often use dirty chai (chai with a shot of espresso) as a benchmark for whether the place is any good or not. Fort Collins has three very good coffee houses that are separated only by which barista is working and how hot is it (one isn't air conditioned); Flemington only has one coffee house and the dirty chai is awful, the worst I've ever had. My hopes started to rise when I asked the barista if she could please make me a dirty chai, she knew what it was, and didn't use a mix. One sip, and I was elated; it was just how I like it! Not too sweet, not too peppery, but just right. It worries me a little bit that I was the only person there for two hours, so I'll make a point of supporting them whenever I'm in Elkton. 

My reading news is about the same as knitting. I'm undecided about whether to abandon Unsheltered and I also don't know if I should start Transcription. I'm pretty much done with Barbara Kingsolver lecturing me through her fiction (whatever happened to show, don't tell?) and I'm afraid I'll also be disappointed if Transcription turns out to only be a 2-3 star book. While I decide, I'm just going to enjoy this 4.5 star dirty chai.

What are you making and reading this week?


  1. I love your sparkled pumpkin. I finished AL's mittens. Dare I send them USPS . Or UPS. I think Im going UPS this time.

    1. It's hard to trust handknits to either one! Good luck!

  2. I had to bag Unsheltered. WAY WAY too preachy! (And I'm even IN her choir. . . ) For what it's worth, I thought Transcription was pretty okay -- although it's a slog to get to the pretty okay parts.

    Hurray for a good, local dirty chai (my favorite coffee shop beverage)! It is quite unnerving, though, that no one else popped in during a two-hour time span. . .

  3. Interesting to read your thoughts on Transcription and Unsheltered. I recently had Clock Dance by Anne Tyler on Overdrive. I abandoned the book after two chapters and have decided Tyler's early work was much better. I wonder if the same is true for Kingsolver. I so enjoyed her early work - High Tide in Tucson, Small Wonders, Prodigal Summer. I also wonder if nonfiction would be better to her writing given that she comments on the environment.

  4. I was over Kingsolver with Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and when she dedicated one of her books to Mumia Abu-Jamal (a convicted cop killer), then I was REALLY over Kingsolver.

    I just bought Clock Dance --- now I'm worried I shouldn't have after Jane's review. UH OH!

  5. FWIW I loved Transcription. (and I gave up on Barbara Kingsolver after listening to her narrate the one about the butterflies ... I normally enjoy it when authors narrate their own books, but gah! she's bad!) ... and yay for a GOOD local coffee shop. a yarn shop and a coffee shop are definitely two requirements for a hometown!

  6. Hmm, I guess I won't be so eager to read the Barbara Kingsolver book now.

  7. I have been a bit on the fence about any Kingsolver books, and as yet, have read none. My great debate right now is do I really want to listen to Cryptonomicon for almost 43 hours....

    While I make my decision, I am hanging out with Cormoran Strike in book two! :)

  8. I didn't buy Kingsolver's new book because of her new and preachy voice. I didn't care for her last book. She's heavy handed when it comes to climate change (I GET IT), but where's the story? I have been lax in the crafting department, but hope that will change over the next two days. My world is still full of dog stories. :)

  9. Looking forward to an FO next week!!! Yay for a new coffee shop & a great dirty chai!

  10. All we have around here is Dunkin Donuts, I've never even heard of a dirty chai but now I want to try one! It's great that you found a place close to home that makes it just the way you like it, too. Transcription. Well. Your mileage may vary but (even though I finished it) it just never really grabbed me. I just started The Clockmaker's Daughter and I think I'm going to love it.

  11. coffee shops are important, we have trendy one in town but I've only been twice. I should go more! Lovely knitting and I hope you have more fun exploring your new town.


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