Monday, June 18, 2018

Sometimes Monday ...

... is a good day for a quick update. I had planned to be back to posting sooner, but things got a bit busy. In the last two weeks, I have:
  • Had a wonderful time in Fort Collins with Ryan
  • Enjoyed lots of interesting beer and delicious food
  • Cleaned out Ryan's gutters, window wells, and weeded and repaired his patio
  • Visited The Loopy Ewe!
  • Played chess (very poorly)
  • Wondered how someone who has absolutely no interest in gardening (I'm referring to Ryan) can grow such a lovely clematis
  • Had the world's best gyro and caipirinha
  • Been insulted (in an indirect and slightly amusing way) by a stranger in the Denver airport
  • Visited my mother-in-law who was in the hospital with congestive heart failure, and helped set up her hospital bed, Meals on Wheels, and other arrangements when she came home
  • Celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary
  • Turned 61 years old
  • Bought a house in Maryland
  • Tried to get caught up on laundry; I'm still trying!
I'll tell you all about the details of these things over the next few posts. There will be photos of yarn!


  1. Commenting so I receive comments :-)

  2. Welcome Back! a lot has certainly happened ... look forward to getting caught up on all the details! also, cool photos!

  3. I'll admit I scanned that list quickly to see if you had bought a house - hooray! And all of those other things are terrific, too!

  4. Oh, my goodness! Bonny . . . that is a WHIRLWIND of activity. I hope you have some time to kick back a bit this week. (And I, too, can't wait to hear about all the details.) XO

  5. Yes, yes, yes...looking forward to reading/hearing all the details. So glad to hear that you have found a house in MD!! I'm sure CO was wonderful (how can one not have a good time in CO???). Sorry to hear about your MIL. Hoping you can find at least a little bit of time to just rest and relax a bit. Welcome Home!

  6. You've had a busy two weeks! Welcome home! Hopefully you will have some time for relaxation this week!

  7. Well, bravo on the house purchase! Happy belated birthday and anniversary!! I look forward to the tales of your travels!

  8. Welcome back, Bonny! You have been missed. It sounds like you have hardly had time to catch your breath, but at least most of it was very positive. I look forward to all the juicy details when you are caught up. Wait, did I say caught up, nobody ever gets caught up. So I will re-phrase; when you get the time and inclination. How's that? And, I do want a report on the indirect insult. Somehow you will make it amusing, I am sure. Hope your MIL does well. Congratulations on everything else!

  9. YAHOO!! Oh my goodness, so many things -- mostly GOOD things! I'm looking forward to hearing about it all! Welcome home!!

  10. Wow, wow, wow! What a few day's you've had! Can't wait to hear all about it. And sending good thoughts your MIL's way!

  11. Goodness what an event filled week. I am anxious to hear more details. I recognize that farm ground. It looks like it has some center pivot irrigation systems. I hope The Loopy Ewe and your time with Ryan was fantastic.

  12. So excited for you! You FINALLY got your house too!!!!!

  13. I see a world full of busyness coming your way! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!! The details will be fun to hear as you have time. I am chasing a little black puppy around. He is smart, and cute, and he has my heart! Glad to hear you've settled on a house! Welcome home!

  14. you bought a house??? yikes! congrats, and Happy Birthday to you :)


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