Friday, June 1, 2018

Right Now June 2018

Here's what's going on for me Right Now on the first of June ...

Ready For - The garden to produce something we can eat. I have picked some spinach, but what I'd really like are some sweet snow peas (soon) and delicious tomatoes (not for another couple months).

Looking Forward To - Leaving bright and early next Tuesday morning to visit Ryan in Fort Collins! I haven't seen him in person for eight months, and that is just too long. I feel like a contender for the worst mother award, but I'm going to remedy that, eat, drink, shop for yarn at The Loopy Ewe, and enjoy the company of my older son.

Looking Forward To # 2 - The combined first and third birthday party for two of my grandnephews right after I return from Colorado. They are adorable kids, and it will be a wonderful family gathering, which doesn't happen often enough.

Grateful For - A much-needed return to meditation. It seems as if I abandon the practice just at the times I need it most, but with Kym's reminder about five daily requirements, I'm once again making time for meditation and myself.

Getting Rid Of - This one is a maybe, but the more I think about it, the better it sounds. We've got some stereo equipment (turntable, tuner, cassette deck, and multiple CD player) that we haven't used in decades. It's 37 years old (I know because we bought it with money we received as wedding gifts!) and not worth anything. John has wanted to keep it "just in case", while I've been lobbying to get rid of the stuff and free up a whole side of the double cabinet it's in. John leaves for Italy mid-month and I'm wondering if that might be the perfect opportunity to dispose of it. I might have to say something before he goes to assuage my guilt, but Swedish death cleaning needs to continue.

Excited about - The five blossoms that are now on my lime tree. I wonder how soon I'll have limes? :-)

Enjoying - My new grill. I cook something on the grill most nights for dinner during the summer, so our grill gets a lot of use. The old one was falling apart, and I had replaced the grates and burners once already, so it was definitely time for a new one. I was expecting to lug home a big box and then spend an afternoon putting it together, but Lowes made it easy. It was already assembled, on sale at a great price, and two helpful Lowes guys removed the lid so it would fit in my car. I've been making hamburgers, chicken, brats, and shish kabobs on my new cadillac of a grill and thoroughly enjoying it.

Making - BLT Pasta Salad. It goes well with everything, and sometimes I have it all by itself for dinner. I don't add onion or use a whole pound of bacon; I usually do mix mayo and bacon ranch dressing, use plenty of halved cherry tomatoes, and add shredded romaine. I'm sure you're all clever enough to do your own modifications if you make this. 

Drinking -  Vodka gimlets. Simple, delicious, and I'll be able to use my homegrown lime crop.

Listening To - This Is Water. It's David Foster Wallace's commencement address to Kenyon College graduates in 2005, short and powerful. Thanks to Kym's recommendation, I listened to it, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I got it from Audible, but you can read the transcript here or listen to DFW give the speech here

What's going on in your world right now?


  1. I just picked up This Is Water from, if you and Kym both recommend it I know it's going to be good! We still haven't planted our raised beds but I hope to remedy that this weekend.

  2. Our potatoes are all growing! So, off to a good start this year. We are hoping for container potato success this year!

    And, thanks for the recommendation on This is Water! I am off to find it now!

  3. Commenting so I receive comments. :-)

  4. I dunno, I would not get rid of that because if you want to listen to anything then you won't have it! My husband is a huge audiophile and we have all the old equipment - I turn a very very blind eye to it. cuz, I have my yarns and such....

  5. Might either of your sons be interested in your audio equipment? Brian got really into "vinyl" a couple of years ago, and not only steals from our (extensive) vinyl collection whenever he has the opportunity, but covets our equipment. It's kind of "groovy" again . . . so maybe they'd be interested?

    Your garden looks great! And limes!!!! :-)

    Have a great time in Fort Collins with Ryan. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

  6. Oh I shall join you this evening...I haven't had a gimlet in a while! Have a wonderful time in CO! We've got all. that. equipment. too. Fortunately it's out of the daily living space. Still taking up room though!

  7. I hear you on the stereo equipment! We got rid of ours years and years ago and honestly I don't miss it. Occasionally I miss the albums (as much as for the art work as for listening). Col & Mailing got a turntable several years ago, but when they moved out of Pittsburgh they got rid of that and all their vinyl.

    Fletch spotted our first sugar snap peas last night!! It won't be long now.

    Do have a FABULOUS time in CO - what a great time of year to go! (Oh yeah, and have fun shopping at The Loopy Ewe!!)

  8. No, it is not possible that it has been that long since you went to CO! I remember that visit and the picture from the Loopy Ewe. Well, time flies when you are old, so it must be so. Your garden looks great, the lime tree is really coming along, and you sound really good. Hope you feel that way. DFW was a treasure in so many ways, but so troubled. I do not have success reading his novels, but his commencement address is stunning. A good recommendation to make to anyone. Have a marvelous trip, drink a beer for me, and I will wait to see pictures and a report of your visit.

  9. Same old, same old here ...........................have a WONDERFUL time in Fort Collins and I'll expect a Loopy Ewe review when you get home!

  10. has it really been eight months? wow. you are a wonderful mother .... but still that's way too long. I wish you all the best of all of it! It's fun to read the comments from folks who suggest you keep the audio equipment you haven't used in years. yeah, no. think of all the yarn you could stash in that cabinet instead :-) and of course you know I'm anxiously awaiting vicarious vegetables. and I might even have to try a gimlet. once the limes come in!

  11. Your garden looks lovely. Eight months - I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes the miles and months are so very long. Enjoy your visit to Colorado and your son.

  12. All our vinyl and turntable stuff went to the local public radio station as a donation. They sell the albums during a fundraising sale. 37 years is a long time for something to hang around unused. It could find a lovely new home! The Fort Collins trip will be so nice! Not only will you get to relax and see Ryan you'll be able to do all the other fun stuff, too! I hope it's a stress free trip with lots of joyfulness!

  13. Fort Collins will be wonderful! Have so much fun.
    I will listen to THIS IS Water . Thanks
    Around here: lots of log cabin knitting. A 2 week break from the barn as the horses and vols get a rest. Hearing some big decisions being made by our adult kids .....and trying not to give my opinion!!

  14. We used my "Big Mama" stereo system components (ca. 1982) until just a few years ago when Rusty moved his studio from home. He'd frequently listen to albums/tapes while he worked. I think they're mostly gone now, but I do have something slightly larger than a bookshelf system (with a phono jack) (just in case) buried under the stairs. I was thinking that it's time... I find myself connecting my phone to a wireless speaker via Bluetooth and listening to music that way.

    Have a FANTASTIC time in CO! I know you will!! ;)


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