Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Peer Pressure

If the mowing playlist and weed whacker are making appearances after a winter off that can only mean one thing ...

it's time to start mowing.

I might have let it go for another few days, but our lawn did look fairly overgrown after the neighbors on both sides mowed last weekend, so I had to give in to peer pressure.

We don't have one of those picture-perfect lawns, but it provides some semblance of grass, plenty of moss, and some colorful flowers that I enjoy, like creeping Charlie and dandelions.

It was a beautiful day and I welcomed the chance to get some useful exercise, appreciate the glowing green of the newly-leafing maple tree, along with the stunning red bud against blue sky.

The only slight negative happened when I was mowing along the sidewalk and the middle-schoolers were walking home past our house. I heard one exclaim, "Hey, look at that old lady mowing!" Not seeing any other old ladies mowing, I can only presume he meant me.

Too bad for you, kid. Old ladies get rewards for mowing that middle-schoolers only dream about.


  1. You Go Girl!! (Hope there was another one of those "old lady rewards" waiting in the wings ;-)

  2. Almost twenty years ago I was called "Ma'am" by a grocery packer boy, I was deflated. But now, . . . meh.
    "Older" ladies are young at heart.

    1. You're so right, Annette! I feel like I've earned the title of old lady, and don't even mind being called Ma'am! :-)

  3. what a beautiful day and you have officially kicked off the mowing season! So far my husband is holding out on starting. We have a bazillion dandelions!!

  4. One day I was sitting at the front desk while another person took a lunch break, and a group of school kids looked through the door. One of them said, "Oh wow, look at that old lady!" I was the only one here, so clearly it was me. But I have to admit I got a big laugh out of it.

  5. LOL - I'm thinking we've all had those days/moments. I cracked up the other week when buying beer at a grocery store (finally! in PA!!)the cashier carded me. Then she admitted she had to card everyone who bout alcohol and actually typed in my PA license number. Whatever! The Apricot Wheat sounds/looks delicious.

  6. Ha! Take that, punk!! Cheers Bonny! (That redbud is GORGEOUS!!)

  7. Love this! I hope you got them with a few pebbles while you were mowing! :-) That beer sounds delicious!

  8. What do kids know? Nothing! Your spring seems to be in about the same place ours is. PLUS, today we have sun. It's been a wet gray spring and I'm happy to see the sun (for a few hours). *clink*


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