Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekending ... Now With More Bees!

It rained here all day Saturday, but that provided me with a great day for reading,

and baking some chocolate chip cookies.

When the clouds began to clear around sunset, the sky was lovely and dramatic.

A sunny Sunday gave me a great reason to knit on the porch, and wander around the park looking for budding trees to hang my knitting on.

I was admiring my grape hyacinths when I noticed lots of movement ... bees! I got so excited to see them that I took lots of pictures. Some of them are hard to find at first, but every picture has a bee collecting pollen. 

This was certainly not a wild and crazy weekend, but a good book, warm cookies, beautiful skies,
 some knitting, and bees sure made me happy. Hope you had a good one, too!


  1. Your weather sounds similar to our weather, Saturday was icky but Sunday was glorious. Hooray for bees!

  2. spring has definitely sprung for you!! My daffodils are blooming but they were hard to see through the dead plants from fall...I'm not the gardener, he is so hopefully he'll do something about that. lovely knitting!

  3. LOVE seeing your spring unfold! It gives me hope for the same thing in a week or two here. . . And More Bees, Please! XO

  4. Looks like a pretty perfect weekend to me.

    I love bees, thanks for sharing yours with us!!

  5. Oh those cookies look yummy! The purple flowers give me hope too! Your knitting is getting there...I think I've only completed 1/2 of that!

  6. That looks like a pretty great weekend to me! I love a dramatic sky... and chocolate chip cookies. And bees!! But I especially love your knitting hanging in budding trees! lol

  7. Yay for bees and yay for knitting hanging in trees!! Looks great Bonny. I keep looking for our grape hyacinths, and the only ones so far are coming up in the driveway (gravel) rather than the flower beds! Let us know how Bear Town is!!!

  8. You had what I consider to be a near perfect weekend!

  9. It sounds like a lovely weekend to me. I had fun trying to find the bee in the pictures. They were elusive in some!

    1. I pretty much knew where the bees were and still had trouble seeing some of them! I'm very glad we've got some pollinators around; I thought it was too wet and chilly for bees.

  10. your weekend sounds peaceful ... and I'm sure it smelled and tasted delicious! I love your Peace Cowl blowin' in the wind. and the bees.

  11. I can't wait to see what you think of Bear Town! And, BEES! They look so adorable!


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