Friday, April 7, 2017

Across America Part V

Last week we were leaving Yellowstone, and heading to visit some good friends in Lincoln, Montana, former home of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. It's also the home to a whole town of great people who know how to celebrate the Fourth of July. Even though we didn't get there until July 7th, they were still celebrating with fireworks, a rodeo, and plenty of beer.

I don't have a lot of regrets in my life, but there is one that comes to mind - that I don't have a photo of Justin in the greased pig contest at the rodeo. Try to imagine about 20 little boys running around in the mud trying to catch a very fast and very slippery little pig that had been greased with lard, and as silly as the whole idea sounds, you'll have a good mental picture. No one was successful except for the pig who did not get caught.

We spend a wonderful few days with our friends, but there were 2,308 miles that we had to drive back east. Remember all those swimming pool photos we took heading westward? Here are some more on the way home, along with a few others for variety.

A stop in Sidney, Nebraska so the boys could "drive" boats in Cabela's parking lot:

Swimming in North Platte, Nebraska:

Riding a dinosaur in Des Moines, Iowa:

Excitement about catching a fish in Oxford, Iowa:

Swimming in Oberlin, Ohio:

And home, 5,856 miles later.

It really was an epic trip, one that I'm glad we took. John still teases me about buying another RV so the two of us can travel around the country when we retire. I haven't yet told him that this trip was really so wonderful, I might even consider doing it again.

Thanks for sticking with me for five installments of Across America!


  1. I really enjoyed hearing about your trip and that picture of your family with your friend is great.

  2. I loved going with your down memory lane and across the US! What fun, can you imagine the gas prices now compared to then??? for an RV?

  3. What FUN! Thanks for sharing your memories. (And I'm pretty sure we must have passed each other on the highway that summer. I would have been in the tan mini-van, yelling at my kids in the back seat . . . ) XO

  4. This was such a fun series! I think it does sound and look like a pretty impressive undertaking.

  5. I have loved this series so much - so many memories for me and the trips my family had. Thanks for sharing - great photos!! Makes me yearn for the road!!

  6. I loved this series! And, I am impressed! (Although, I too am wishing for a photo of those boys...) :)

  7. Oh, what a wonderful trip!! I'm so glad that you shared it with us!

  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful family memory! I enjoyed every minutes of it.

    1. Thank you! I wasn't sure that anyone would be interested in our family memories, but I sure had fun looking through all of our 15-year-old photos.

  9. I've enjoyed every minute and you've brought back some very wonderful memories of my family trip in the 70's. There is nothing like America...we'll have an RV meet-up...2020 my friend!

  10. I loved going along with you for every mile. You described the pig catching contest so well, but wouldn't it be fabulous to watch a video of those boys!? LOL!

  11. I had the best time riding along (virtually!) and what a beautiful collection of memories you made for yourself and all those boys. riding dinosaurs. catching fish. ... and seeing the real heart of America (7 states? 8? more?)


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