Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Looking Back, Looking Ahead in Books

Goodreads has been telling me I should look at my year in books, so I finally did. The number of books I read doesn't really matter to me; quality is much more important than quantity. But, like many others at this time of year, I can't resist looking back at some of my favorite books of 2016.

These aren't in any special order, but if I had to pick my top three, they would probably be One Man's Meat, The Nix, and The Lost Painting of Sara de Vos, but then I would feel bad for not also including Lost Property, The Son, What a Fish Knows, and The House of Owls. I really loved reading all ten of these books.

I'm also looking ahead to some new books in 2017.

I have the gorgeously illustrated biography of E. B. White, Some Writer!, on the top of my TBR pile and it will probably be my next read. I'm not sure when I'll get to read The Underground Railroad as I'm eighth on the library hold list; they only have one copy so that means at least four months. The Keeper of Lost Things sounded wonderfully intriguing to me, and also has a beautiful cover, but it won't be published until February 21. I'll have to wait until March for Beyond Infinity, but I do have plenty to read in the mean time. :-)

If you have any 2016 favorites and/or books that you're looking forward to reading in 2017, I would love to hear about them!


  1. Goodreads has been bugging me, too - hopefully I'll get to look at my year in books later this week. I always enjoy your book recommendations and 2016 proved the point - The Nix and Pax were two of my very favorites (and I'll be reading One Man's Meat and the E.B. White biography in 2017). Here's to another year of wonderful books and reading!!

  2. I'll be doing a book recap next week, I think. I'm hoping to finish at least one or two more books this week but I had a great year of reading already!

  3. My Goodreads says I read 96 - but they really included a few essays and others, like a short story one called "East of the Web" which I gave a 5 star.
    For entertainment I liked; "Commonwealth", "and R. Russo's "Everybody's Fool".
    For having also good writing; "Homegoing" and J.Woodson's "Brooklyn" and "Brown Girl Dreaming" - another 5 star. I went to a book event with her and Ann Patchett which brought me to her writing which is so exquisite.
    For a good sci-fi, "The Fifth Season" was the best of the year.
    A very productive year for me. I can't wait for more in 1917.
    Happy reading to all.

  4. The Nix, Sara DeVos, and Lucy Barton are all right up there at the top of my 2016 list, too! I'm looking forward to another great year of reading (the one thing that remains a constant in my life!). XO

  5. Homegoing, The Nix, Lucy Barton, & Black Lamb and Gray Falcon were among my favorites of 2016. I look forward to reading a variety of good books in 2017...happy reading!

  6. Sara de Vos was great. I've got The Nix very high on the next to read list and Pax. I may end up at 27 out of a goal of 30 completed. No complaints here. That's pretty darn good for me. Love seeing everything you read!

  7. The Underground Railroad, A Man Called Ove, The Paris Architect, and The Book Thief were some of my favorites this year! You had a very impressive reading year!! I am looking forward to working through my "want to read list" in 2017 - which I am sure your reading will add too!

  8. The Underground Railroad is next up for me! Rusty's reading it now and he said he was immediately hooked. I've heard such good things...

  9. I'm just finishing The Nix on your recommendation and it is great. The Underground Railroad is at the top of my list for 2017, as are Lila, LaRose, and many others. Thank you for sharing your love of books and great reading.

  10. you are my reading hero!! I think I knit too much and that is why I only read 31....yep. I'm gonna blame it on that!


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