Friday, December 16, 2016

Amaryllis Watch - Week Two

For this second week of Amaryllis Watch 2016 - 207, I present to you all the excitement and fast-paced action of watching plants grow.

Nothing visible has happened with the old bulb I planted last week, and it's the same story with the "new" old bulb I planted this week. My rescued amaryllis is very, very slowly beginning to straighten, by about 25° over the week. That's what my protractor tells me, and science is nothing without data.

Last week was very grey and overcast, with only about six hours of sunlight bright enough to cast a shadow all week. I'm hoping for more light next week, some tiny little bit of green appearing on the old bulbs, and some more straightening.

It's a good thing I work at home so I can carry my amaryllis around the house to various windowsills so they get the most light possible throughout the day. An outside employer might not be so understanding of my caretaker responsibilities! I shouldn't be taking credit when really it was the sun and plant hormones doing the work. Come on auxin!


  1. I was hoping you've give us an amaryllis update today. The one I bought last Friday is growing and yesterday I planted paperwhites. I have another amaryllis that was just given to me, I need to get a pot so I can plant that one, too.

  2. Oh, look at that little guy -- he's working so very hard! We haven't had any sunlight to speak of all week -- yet I'm beginning to see green shoots on all of my bulbs. A good start!

  3. Oh wow!! I am opening this post on my iPhone and showing this photo to my sad little amaryllis with this mornings pep talk!! I am now extremely fearful that mine is doomed to do nothing.

  4. Yay! What a lovely color on that blossom. One of my buds is definitely more healthy and plump, even if it hasn't grown much; the other... hm. It's only been a week. The room gets some nice light but is otherwise chilly, so that might slow them up. I've had plenty of amaryllis in there over 30 years, though, so I know it can be done!

  5. I watched, with envy, your amaryllis growth last year. I'm still envious. How might one, who has NO knowledge or experience with this lovely plant, learn more? Might you suggest any resources?

    1. Kristin,
      Amaryllis bulbs are very easy to grow. You really just need a bulb, soil, container, water, and light. You can find inexpensive bulbs at the grocery or big box store, or a garden center. For the biggest, best (and more expensive) bulbs, take a look at
      These websites go into more depth on care, planting, and what to do after they have bloomed, but they really are fairly simple with a big return on a small investment in time and care. Good luck!

  6. AUXIN! thank you for teaching me my new word for the day! with extra credit for it being a "science" word and double bonus points that I could actually see myself working this into a conversation (hopefully soon...before I forget it :-) I love that you carry the pots around the house to be sure they get the best sunlight. I think it shows an attention to detail AND caring that any boss should find delightful!

  7. After years of growing amaryllis I just never got around to finding bulbs this year. Instead I went the Christmas cactus route. (The grocery store had nice plants.) I felt the need for a long-term investment.Thank you for the update and I'm sure your plants are very happy to have such a superb caregiver.

  8. you are adorable with your flower dedication :) I have high hopes that you will get all of them growing. Yes science is nothing without data (should be a quotable quote!).

  9. We don't get much light these days so I turned on an OTT light over my amarylis for a few hours and it really perked up.


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