Monday, December 5, 2016


Is anyone else decompressing from NaBloPoMo? Trying to come up with a blog post every day in November caused me to start viewing everything in "blog mode". If I found myself doing anything that could even possibly provide blog fodder, I took photos, jotted down a few thoughts, and sometimes started a draft post. While going through the photos on my phone, it became clear why I never used some of these ideas.

All of the Christmas catalogs I received in just one day.

The cranberry pie I baked after cleaning out the freezer and finding six bags of frozen cranberries.

My results after Justin told me he microwaved an egg in a round Tupperware container to make a breakfast sandwich. 
Good idea, but I should have added cheese and bacon.

An odd (but interesting) heavy hunk of stainless steel that I found in the street during a walk. 

A broken-striped newt picture that Justin drew for my sister-in-law probably 15 years ago that she framed and still displays.

Yesterday I was baking cookies to send to Justin and realized while I was taking photos
 that most of you had probably made cookies before;
 I no longer had to write a post every day, and this was not a blog-worthy event.

Living in blog mode is interfering with my being present in the moment, so I'm going to decompress a bit, quit thinking about NaBloPoMo, and post when I have something worthwhile to say, while hopefully remembering to still take photos occasionally.

All right everyone, back to your knitting. 


  1. You captured the post-NaBloPoMo feeling exactly! Here's to living in the moment. And knitting! XO

  2. So much of this! YES! And, that yarn! I love it! What, who, where? It is a gorgeous color!!

  3. I'm all about living in the moment but sometimes thinking about blogging a moment helps me to actually enjoy the moment. For me it's all about the daily photo!

  4. Oh, that yarn is such a pretty blue! Little hints of green in there?? I try not to stress too much about NaBloPoMo -- maybe after doing it for so many years + my naturally laid-pretty-far-back attitude helps. It was a struggle this year, for sure, because of "mood," but I managed and have been most struck by how many people seemed to appreciate the effort. I, for one, like the mundane and everyday... for instance, I *LOVE* your cookie photo. I like to see the mixer you use, and the chocolate chips & vanilla, and look at your cute canisters!! :) Also, the newt drawing is pretty spectacular.

  5. That "blog mode" mind is one reason I had to take a break. I've been thinking that way for 14 years! I am with Vicki as I think everything you have to say (and show)is worthwhile. It's like being there and making cookies with you, or sipping a cup of tea and chatting, just as IRL friends would.

  6. This was a great post and I love and understand the desperation! :-) Toll House cookies! The yarn selection is beautiful...and I'm still not certain my Peace Cowl isn't twisted. (Though I check every five minutes still!)

  7. I'm not sure I can turn off the "for the blog" thoughts altogether - I know my mom and a few other friends and relatives get all their news about me and my family this way. (and of course photos of me making cookies is news, so ... yeah...) It is nice to only think about blogging when you want to. but I enjoyed all 30 posts last month. just sayin' ...

  8. I go in waves of how I compose posts for the blog. I have certain days I write and I have certain days I am OFF the computer and blog reading. I find that the balance is good for me. love that little something something that you are knitting!!


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