Friday, July 22, 2016

The Prevalence of "P"

"P" has been predominant here this week.


Purple Clematis (with pockmarks and perforations from Japanese beetles)

Pretty Lantana 

Psycho squirrels consuming Psilocybin
Because we've had some epic downpours and lots of humid conditions, we're growing crops of mushrooms in the lawn. The squirrels are obsessed with eating them (often on the picnic table), which causes them to stagger around under the influence. It's really amusing to watch but I haven't yet been successful at capturing them on video. 

Purloined Petals
See those gently arched, unadorned sticks at the top of the lilies? That is all that remains
 after the deer learned how to suck the petals off my Stargazer lilies. 

People Pursuing Pokemon in the Park
While you can't see them all clearly, there are 16 people wandering the park across from my house in search of Pokemon. It's usually deserted, so this is really quite the gathering. I'm a bit tempted to download the app myself so I can see what's there.

Also, Postures in the Park

And Plenty of Pears.

Lastly, the Prodigious Peep-mobile.

I hope that good things are plentiful in your weekend!


  1. Pittsburgh would be profusely grateful if you could persuade the rain to move westward. This post is packed with the pizazz that only the letter P can present. I almost feel like I should be hearing Sesame Street's Placido Flaming announcing that this post is brought to you by the letter P!

  2. WOW! That's a whole lotta P going on! Those plums and pears! Oh, WOW. (And I am so over this Pokemon GO thing. People are trampling the public gardens all over Kalamazoo -- wrecking them completely in search of these stupid Pokemon. Ugh.) Have a great weekend, Bonny! XO

  3. (I just realized I sound like the old, crotchety neighbor you were afraid of as a kid. Get offa my grass!!!)

  4. My first thought is to write a comment without the letter P in sight since you and Kat seem to have a market on Ps. Who knew squirrels were inclined to getting high? That's just a hoot. You have a world of entertainment available right from your window!

  5. I love the photo of the pokemon hunters....My kids grew up with that game and lifestyle so far as adults I'm not hearing about them playing this particular game!! Bummer about the squirrels and deer.

  6. what a fun way to sum up the week! The only P in my weekend was Popcorn... which wasn't nearly as entertaining as what you saw. I'm wildly curious about the Pokemon game, too, but not quite enough to actually download it (it would be the first game on my phone and I'm pretty sure I don't have time for it ;-)

  7. That is all so great! And what a nice park across from your house!

  8. Oh my, I never knew there was a Peep-mobile! That looks like a lovely crop of pears.


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