Thursday, July 21, 2016


We're about halfway through Summer Book Bingo by Mary's rules (and she's the boss!) so it's time for an update. My messy card looks like this:

Eighteen books and nary a bingo, but that's okay. I'm currently reading The Son (With a family member in the title), The House of Owls (Nature writing), and One Man's Owl (With an animal as a key character) so there will be bingoes soon enough. These books are so good that I've honestly been reading them slowly. It's wonderful to be able to have excellent ongoing reads to turn to after some less than satisfying ones.

During the past two summers, I've often struggled to find books to fit into squares, but this year I'm happily enjoying how books just seem to be presenting themselves. I have had a couple of two-star duds, but I'm also finding delightful surprises, like the three incredible books I'm reading right now, and the hopefully exceptional nonfiction (What a Fish Knows) I have queued after that. I'll link to my Goodreads Book Bingo 2016 shelf in case you're interested in specifics and reviews.

There are 47 days left until the Book Bingo deadline of September 5 (midnight!) so there is plenty of time left for a good book or two. Read for the joy of reading and understanding, no matter whether you're in search of covered squares, bingoes, or not!

Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood. ~ John Green


  1. I love the diversity of your card...such a wonderful mix of all sorts of books. and wow! you're just a few books away from all 12 Bingos!

  2. You'd think you would have a bingo by now....that's a lot of book reading! I like the owl theme and how your reading falls into the categories easily!!

  3. It seems that the BINGOs come slowly sometimes, although the books come screaming in! Before you know it, you'll have a full cover. :-) I'm moving along with my own summer reading -- and still finding that I need to take a few liberties here and there with the categories. (But maybe not so many as in years gone by?) Happy reading!

  4. You are so close and you'll have bingos popping up all over the place before you know it. Such diverse categories. I'm only reading slowly because the books I'm on now are dense and very wordy (in a good way). I'm >< close to a Bingo or two!

  5. I hit another BINGO this week so now I'm reading a book that won't fit anywhere on my card because I've earned it! (The Round House by Louise Erdrich). Reading for the enjoyment of it is the best advice ever.

  6. This has been the best summer for reading since I was a child participating in my local library summer reading programs! Reading is pure enjoyment and the perfect way to take a little vacation every single day!


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