Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for today is Ten Things You Did This Weekend. This should be an easy one since we had a long holiday weekend to do at least 10 list-worthy things and plenty of advance notice so we could be sure to take plenty of photos.

  1. Kicked off the weekend with a cold beer, knitting, and watching a thunderstorm from the porch. This might not sound like much but it was a great way to relax and shift into weekend mode after a busy week. We desperately need the rain, but I did resist dancing in the downpour.
  2. Went to my great-nephew's first birthday party. He had a fever of 103°, so we only saw him for a few minutes before his extended nap, but I had a nice time getting to better know some people I don't see very often.
  3. Made lots of potato salad. I used more than 15 lbs. of potatoes to take potato salad to my niece's, and made it again on Sunday for us with the few remaining potatoes.
  4. Cast on for a baby blanket. (Thanks, Patty!)
  5. Kept up with my AKK SKAL plans. I'll be finishing my Hitchhiker soon so I can then turn some other WIPs into FOs.
  6. Did some yard work. Weeding, pruning, cursing Japanese beetles ...
  7. Watched some fireworks. I only had to take about 146 pictures to get one even remotely semi-decent one. Clearly my phone camera is not the right tool for this job.
  8. Had a delightful culinary conversation with Ryan. He initially called to complain about the administrative glitches that have prevented him from getting paid on his grant this summer. This would be an issue for almost anyone, but it's a near-crisis if a graduate student has no income for six weeks. He's working to resolve the situation, and once he had the opportunity to vent, he started telling me about what he been cooking lately (in the interest of thrift). Some of sounded pretty darn delicious, and he convinced me that potato salad would be better with some ground mustard and bacon salt. He was right!
  9. Started two wonderful books. One Man's Owl and The House of Owls are both excellent so far.
  10. Mentally prepared myself for the upcoming week. It's a week filled with scary medical stuff for my father and me. I've got knitting, books, and fortitude.
So, what did you do this weekend?


  1. I think this weekend should be all about potato salad! Sounds like yours was good and I hope it carries you through the scary medical stuff.

  2. I want some of this potato salad - and bacon salt has been added to the grocery list! Sending positive thoughts for the procedures - I am here if you need an ear to listen. TGFK (that's thank God for knitting) which helps in almost all circumstances. XO

  3. I love thunderstorms. Nature's fireworks right there!

  4. Thinking of you and your father as you deal with medical stuff. Clearly I do not know anything about making good potato salad and now I know what's been missing! Hang tight. xox

  5. I made 10 lbs myself this weekend! And I'm envious of your thunderstorm. Sending additional support as you make your way through the week. xo

  6. I finished a Sunny Baby Blanket just in time for my great-nephew's arrival last Friday! :-)

  7. sending good strong thoughts your way for this week. and wondering about bacon salt. I'll bet it would be pretty good on the rim of a bloody mary, too :-)

  8. we are potato salad sisters :) sending prayers for you and your father!!

  9. Sending good juju... hope things are going OK.


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