Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend in a List

My list from this weekend was sitting on the kitchen table this morning and I thought it might be a good way to share what I did this weekend.

  • Went grocery shopping. I didn't need much, but got distracted by a phone call, so I forgot al. foil and something good.
  • I did get distilled water, but that didn't fix the problem when I added it to the the tractor battery and the tractor still wouldn't start.
  • It's still too cold for nurseries to stock much of anything except pansies. We have roses in our front flower beds and a few die every winter. I did my annual spring assessment and was looking for four new roses to replace the dead ones, but no luck (yet).
  • I discovered that there are no nematicides registered for home gardeners. John works with some plant pathologists and when he asked them to take a look at our wilted cabbages and tomatoes last year they found root-knot nematodes. They are soil-dwelling roundworms that attack plant roots. Some types of nematodes are beneficial, but anything that chews on and damages a plant's roots is never good for the plant. We're trying some nematode-resistant tomato varieties this year.
  • I was forced to search my stash for baby sweater yarn. I don't have a local yarn store but decided to look at Michael's, Jo Ann Fabric, and Hobby Lobby for something nice and washable. Those yarns were not be found at any of those stores, so I came home and looked through my stash. This is a good thing! I'm still deciding but hope to cast on in the next few days.
  • I found an anvil! While on my way to do some of the above errands, I spied a chained-up anvil and a sign to call for information. Justin has been interested in making knives and researching the process for the past few months. He did make one from an old saw blade which I think is quite nice, but to really try the techniques he hopes to learn, he needs an anvil. These aren't easy to find and when you do they are quite expensive. This one may also cost more than our anvil budget allows, but I'm going to call the number today and hopefully enter into anvil negotiations.
I hope your weekend included plenty of good things, anvil or not!


  1. That's a very interesting list. Love that it's on a date due card, too!

  2. Anvil negotiations! Do you remember Animaniacs? They had a song about an anvil I think!

  3. Anvil negotiations... good luck with that! And -- I'll be eager to hear about your nematode-resistant crops. :-)

  4. Good luck with your garden and with anvil negotiations! Sounds very interesting. Smith said he saw people buying tomatoes! Nurseries around here will sell anything this time of year.

  5. Have you seen Gilmore Girls? They have a bit around the question "Where have all the anvils gone?" We exclaim it every time we see an anvil.

  6. anvil?? well, that is something I've never read on any of the blogs I read. Always a first time!!

  7. I see I'm not original in thinking "anvil?!?" but if I do have good connections in the yarn department. I'd love to send you a project's worth of whatever you can't really find at Michael's/JoAnns....


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