Friday, April 15, 2016

Fine Things on a Friday

This week has had its share of work issues, plumbing problems, knitting obstacles, and a few other botherations, but there are still some fine things to report on Friday.
  • I've varied my walking route lately and taken some walks through our local cemetery. There are lots of beautifully carved headstones, and it's been interesting to think about the people and the stories their markers tell. I thought this was a fine way to be remembered:

  • Justin has not been killed or injured by the rattlesnakes, fire ants, wild hogs, or scorpions he has encountered in TX. This is very fine news to a mother!
  • I got to see adorable baby llamas. 

  • I'm picking up John's sister and her husband when they return to Newark airport after a week in Denmark. We'll have a fine time Saturday night hearing about their travels and eating some new recipes I'm trying -- crab quiche and a goat cheese quiche.
  • Ryan texted a reminder about how to put any of the week's difficulties into perspective.

Wishing you a weekend filled with fine things!


  1. those are all fine things... but I think I'm slightly partial to the beers!

  2. Listen to Ryan! :-)
    And have a great weekend. XO

  3. I walk through our local cemetery frequently and I enjoy the peacefulness. I make up stories about the people there a lot, too. I bet your quiches will be delicious!

  4. I love cemeteries as long as I'm there to just walk around. I don't like them if I'm there for an actual reason.

  5. Ryan is very smart! Smith and I enjoy wandering through the very large City cemetery to read the stones of the famous and infamous of our State. Cute critters (which are actually llamas).

  6. I think Consolation Beer Day should be a thing, perhaps weekly even!

    And, I love the headstone! Just brilliant! And the quiches sound excellent!

  7. I've always loved going to cemeteries and walking around. I grew up one street away from our city's cemetery. My parents are still in the house there. I spent so many summer days walking around looking at the stones. And still do it when I go back for visits!

    Linda in VA

  8. I am glad Justin is surviving and more importantly you are :) I hate letting go. It makes me want to hold on tighter like pepe le pew (if you watch bugs bunny growing up you know who it is)

  9. I was here earlier today but at work and didn't comment. THIS time I saw the yarn and needles. That is the best! (I don't think they'll ever call me a precious pearl!) Hope your Saturday night dinner was terrific!


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