Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Baby Sweaters

I got lots of great baby pattern suggestions last week, and while I tossed my stash looking for washable yarn and mulled over what baby knitting to cast on first, I remembered that I had actually knit several sweaters for my own sons.

This was the first one, knit more than 25 years ago.

Here are some poor photos of Ryan at six months, looking absolutely thrilled to be wearing his hand-knit sweater.

I enjoyed knitting the first sweater, so I started the next one,

complete with adorable Peter Rabbit buttons.

Then I got the brilliant idea to knit matching father and son sweaters for John and Ryan.

I don't have John's sweater or even a photo of it. He said it was too hot, scratchy, red, (insert excuse here), and donated it to Salvation Army.

Ryan went through a through a train phase when he was three, so I made him this sweater with train buttons.

He was old enough to tell me that wasn't the kind of train sweater he wanted. So I knit train sweater, take 2.

In case you're wondering why I haven't included pictures of Ryan or Justin wearing any of the sweaters except the first one, it's because those photos don't exist. I tried each of the sweaters on Ryan after they were finished, but he protested so much (think tantrum) every time I tried to actually dress him in one that I finally gave up. Justin was even unhappier with the sweaters; he would make terrible gagging sounds and tell me they were choking him (even the cardigans)!

It took three years and six sweaters, but I finally got the message that the males in my family just do not like sweaters. Hopefully the next generation won't feel tortured or choked by my hand-knits!


  1. It can be so hard to knit for kids! I advise knitters to knit like crazy for babies because they can't fight back. Then, as soon as the child expresses negative opinions, stop knitting. Wait patiently until they ask for something and then knit that.

    Which reminds me... Boy 1 didn't have a handknit sweater that fit this year and he asked for one. I guess need to start planning for next fall.

  2. Kids. Why do they have minds of their own? The answers is to knit a sweater for yourself!

  3. It's a shame your boys didn't like sweaters, because they're really cute. Those Peter Rabbit buttons are adorable!

  4. That train sweater is amazing! I wasn't a knitter when Hannah was little but once I started knitting I found that she loves a handknit sweater, luckily!

  5. I love each and every one of them! My kids love socks, hats, and mittens but sweaters - not so much.

  6. what a great TBT... your guys have certainly come around to appreciate handknit mitts and hats...and it's a huge timesaver not to have to knit them man-sized sweaters! I'll bet the new baby - and his mama- is going to love a handknit sweater!

  7. Adorable sweaters! Brian had the same reaction to the little sweaters I knit for him. Exactly -- right down to the gagging sounds. So now . . . he gets hats!


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