Friday, April 8, 2016

Another Knitterly Question

A while ago I posed a knitting question, wondering whether this yarn yarn looked like clown barf, and I got tons of good advice, opinions, and suggestions. That worked so well that I have another question to pose: what are your favorite, go-to baby patterns?

I found out yesterday that my nephew and his significant other will be having a baby boy in October. While I was initially a little confused (they sent a facebook message and my phone woke me up at 3 am, thus my befuddlement), once I dispelled my grogginess my first thought was "Congratulations and WooHoo!" and my second thought was about baby knitting. I spent quite a bit of time looking at baby patterns on Ravelry, and then decided to ask the experts.

I've knitted a few baby things, mainly booties, several hats, and a couple of blankets. My favorite is probably the Feather and Fan Lace Baby Blanket (I may have already cast on), but I would love to know about your favorite baby patterns. Hats, booties, blankets, I might even be able to finish a sweater since it would be small!

My nephew says, "We are very excited—and pleased to provide the knitters in our lives another little body to keep warm and fashionable." So, thank you in advance for your helpful suggestions to keep this new little boy entering the family both warm and fashionable!


  1. I love to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket. It's versatile and easy and it looks impressive, too.

  2. I agree with Carole I like EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket. How is the other project looking? Do we get to see a picture?

  3. Can't beat a BSJ. They can be made with sock yarn, too! Another great sweater is Tulips (by L Pekny).

    For hats, I'm fond of Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap, Stella Pixie Hat, and the enduring Kid's Fruit Cap (which can be a pumpkin for fall babies).

  4. My go to is EZ's BSJ, it is the best little knit. I spiffy it up with an applied i-cord edging. I pair it with Saartje's Booties (if its a girl. Perfect use of sock yarn, and then it is washable for the new mom!

  5. My go-to baby pattern is this set:
    It looks particularly charming in self-striping sock yarn. I have knit it so many times, I nearly have the pattern memorized now! :-)
    (I love feather-and-fan patterns. That baby blanket is just lovely.)

  6. Oh, thanks, Kym! I like that baby set, too! It inspired me to create a new "Baby" bundle in my favorites. Now, Bonny: does your nephew have any "nerd" in him? I knit a "Baby Link" outfit (from the video game Legend of Zelda: and it was a huge hit with the parents. There are also load of Yoda hats and other great designs...

  7. I love Bev Galeska's Baby Brights (CH33) sweater, although I have never knitted it as written -- I always do the whole thing in stockinette and play with color to make it fun. What I particularly like about it are that 1, it is knit from top down, so no seaming, and B, it has very nice short-row neck shaping.

    My sweater #1:
    My sweater #2:
    My sweater #3:

  8. Forgot to say -- Baby Brights is knit in worsted or Aran, so it goes really fast. I made two of my three in DK and adjusted the size accordingly.

  9. Ez February baby sweat is mine. Any blanket is a good blanket if it's mindless knitting ;) have fun!!

  10. I love the classic BSJ and your feather-and-fan blanket is beautiful. Katie says she likes blankets without holes, though; Charlie loves his Beach Blanket ( And for an updated take on a cabled classic, how about Sunnyside ( - top down, goes quick, single skein of sock yarn... and CONGRATULATIONS - babies are so fun to knit for!!


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