Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - You're Invited...

Photograph. Designs Concepts Interiors. dcistudio.com, 24 Dec. 2013. Web. 2 Mar. 2015. Disclaimer: Photo was not taken in my dining room!

Picture this: you are hosting a dinner party and you can invite 10 fictional characters from books. Who would you invite? What a fun Ten on Tuesday! My engraved invitations are going out to these characters:

1.  Dumbledore (Harry Potter) - We could talk about knitting patterns, and then I would ask him why he kept so much important information from Harry. Also, where can I get a phoenix of my own?

2.  Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) - She always has such a unique take on things, and I bet she could contribute some truly interesting fodder for conversation.

3.  Sherlock Holmes - I'd love to chat with him in person and get a better understanding of how his mind works. He would, of course, look exactly like Benedict Cumberbatch.

4.  Watson - Poor John has always been a bit overshadowed by Sherlock, so I would like to be able to tell him that I always thought he was much smarter than Conan Doyle gave him credit for. I'd also like to get the real story about what it was like to work with Sherlock.

5.  Miss Marple - I'd love to see her knitting and I'm sure she would have lots of interesting and revealing observations about the other guests and what they're really up to.

6.  Fiona Maye (The Children Act by Ian McEwan) - She was such a logical, reasonable family court judge who was able to rule with intelligence, empathy, and humanity; it would be wonderful to chat with her about how she managed this, and what costs were exacted in her personal life.

7.  Louisa Clark (Me Before You by JoJo Moyes) - Louisa is one of those characters that manages to just get on with her life, no matter what crummy circumstances she has to face. I'm sure that conversation with her would be both enlightening and helpful. I would also be able to ask her about her life now, before After You is published in September!

8. and 9.  Raymond and Harold McPheron (Plainsong and Eventide by Kent Haruf) - These bachelor brothers and ranchers add some much-needed humor to Holt, Colorado, simply with their down-to-earth, honest demeanor and actions. I think they could do the same at the dinner party, along with providing excellent examples of how change is possible, even in the most stagnant lives.

10.  Quoyle (The Shipping News by Annie Proulx) - Although Quoyle initially appears as a downtrodden underdog, he demonstrates the capacity for real change by creating a rewarding job, a loving family, and a life for himself. I would love to get his take on it and hear about his life in Newfoundland now.

I haven't given much thought to how these characters will interact at the party, but I will be serving plenty of pre-dinner wine and drinks (Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy may be a bit too much) to loosen everyone up for a fun and interesting evening. This is a dinner party I would really look forward to!


  1. I love this list - I almost put Miss Marple on mine!

  2. Oh, Bonny! The McPheron brothers!!!! What a hoot! Your list is really great -- so thoughtful and well put together. :-)

  3. This is great - and I do love the dinner table you chose!

  4. Raymond and Harold almost made my list. I love Quoyle, too! I will be rereading Shipping News next month for my book group. Last time I was the only person in the group who loved Quoyle. You have me looking forward to reading his story again.

  5. A great list....we share Sherlock! Wasn't this fun?

  6. I'm only familiar with a few, Sherlock and Miss Marple made my list-they'd be so much fun.

  7. FABULOUS setting - I'm sure the conversation under those chandeliers could only sparkle! ...and another reminder I need to read Plainsong and The Children's Act. fun list!

  8. I knew the first five and another in the second five and now I have some novels to add to my reading list :) Lovely dinner plans.


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