Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Letters

I've written a few Friday Letters to recap my week, say what's on my mind, and take the opportunity to offer a thank you or two. Join Paula here to share your own letters and read those from other "pen pals". Let's open the mail...

Dear GREs,

Please take it easy on Justin tonight. It was difficult enough to convince him that it would be a good idea to take a four-hour test (especially on a Friday evening!), but if you treat him badly I think it will be nearly impossible to persuade him that applying to graduate school might be a viable option. I hope I've spent $195 wisely; that would have bought some nice alpaca or cashmere yarn!

Dear Danielle,

Happy Wedding Day tomorrow! I know that you've been busy planning, making preparations, and checking off details for this big day, but keep in mind that this is one day. A day to be celebrated surely, but as your aunt and someone that has been married for 34 years, I want to say that we could all wear jeans, flannel shirts, and boots (you know Justin would prefer that!), you could get married at the farm, and you and Dan would love each other just as much, and your family would be just as supportive. Like you've said, all your dreams are coming true and you couldn't be happier; I know there will be much more love and happiness with Dan throughout your lives together.

Dear Winter,

Please bless Margene and the rest of the West with some cold weather and snow (dare I ask for at least a month's worth?) I know warm weather is lovely, but the West really needs that snow for the water it will provide, and the cold to kill mountain pine beetle larvae and garden insect eggs. Those of us in the rest of the country would be more than happy to share our cold and snow!

Dear Subaru Dealer,

I must say, I'm a little disappointed in your service. Admittedly, I was slightly grumpy due to the fact that I was bringing my car back for the second time on one recall; it was 3°, and my ice scraper broke while trying to clear the windshield on my recalled Subaru, but my grumpiness quickly turned to dismay when you told me that the coffee maker was broken. I understand this is not a life or death matter, but believe me, it is upsetting not to be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while waiting for my car. This is especially true when we, the customers, are woefully deficient in coffee or tea, but get to watch you happily sipping your own hot beverages that you made with the showroom's coffee machine. Next time I make an appointment for service, I'm checking to make sure the coffee maker works!


  1. Good luck to Justin on those GREs! I was able to skip those when I went to grad school and took the MATs instead, thank goodness. Have FUN at the wedding! Your words are wise and I hope your niece remembers them. Finally, bummer about the coffee maker at the Subaru dealership. I don't often sit and wait on a service call, I usually take advantage of their loaner program, but when I do wait I definitely expect coffee!

  2. Good luck to Justin and Best Wishes to the bride!
    You should pretend to look for a new Subaru and demand a cup of coffee from the showroom. Not providing coffee when it is 3 degrees is cruel!
    Maybe the clouds expected this week will actually produce precipitation because of your blessing. fingers crossed

  3. good luck on the GREs not a fun test at all. I think all car dealerships are lacking in service and customer satisfaction.

  4. LOL....I don't blame you on checking on the coffeemaker. I hate to take the car in and wait on it. I usually have someone follow me and go home to wait

  5. Broken coffeemaker >>> customer lounge RAGE! Those Subaru folks better get it working again in their own defense.

  6. I hope Justin did well on his exam! And hope the wedding is amazing, as I am sure it will be! And yes, next time ( and I hope there isn't a next time for repairs!!) I hope they get that coffeemaker fixed. Hey, they should at least give you a free set of tires for that!

  7. best (belated!) wishes for Justin! and to Danielle and Dan...have a wonderful time celebrating with them and your family today!

  8. Okay. The coffeemaker story is just Too Much! When you get your "Subaru Survey" (I get one every time I even think about taking my car in for service. . .), please let them Have It!!!! (A bridge too far. Really.) Hope the exam was a snap, the wedding was perfect, and winter is moving west soon!


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