Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Love, Actually

In honor of Valentine's Day, this week's Ten on Tuesday assignment is to finish the sentence "I love . . . "

 1.  to knit, especially for those that I love.

 2.  warm socks.
 3.  macaroni and cheese.

 4.  to sleep in.
 5.  temperatures above 32° F

But all I have is 28.5, lots of ice, and a frowny face.

 6.  fingerless gloves.
 7.  a good book.

 8.  hot tea.
 9.  that Justin finally had all his stitches removed yesterday and his hand is healed!

Bad photo, good results!

10. my family with all my heart.
11. that I have so much goodness and love in my life that this was an easy and fun list to make!

Hoping that all of you have plenty of love in your lives !


  1. happy hearts day! your list made me smile for so many things... macaroni and cheese topped with bread crumbs, knitting (warm socks), x-rays that share good news...and it's above 32 degrees here. Hope you find many more hearts today!

  2. I love so many things on your list too - especially the Mac and cheese as well! And great news for Justin!

  3. Awesome list And yes, mac and cheese! Hooray for healing for Justin!

  4. What a wonderful list, Bonny! And look at that perfect hand! HURRAY!!!! (I love that!) (Also that gorgeous red yarn.) (Also macaroni and cheese.) XO

  5. Not only is the x-ray cool. it's perfect! Lovely list and, as expected, so many things I love, too. We all have so much good in our lives it's easy to make a beautiful list.

  6. Glad Justin in on the mend. I bet knitting made the list for most of us! How could I forget my socks? They have been my savior on these snowy days.

  7. Oh, most of those are on my list, too. (Well, my all-time list - my blog list is limited to 2014 because I like too much stuff.) The one thing on your list that I don't get is fingerless gloves - that means cold fingers!


  8. Love your list! Happy for Justin! Have a great week

  9. beautiful list and glad that the hand is all better now! Love knitting and a good book :)

  10. Aw, lovely. Mmmm, mac & cheese... it's been a while. ;)

  11. Great list...I"ll take some of the man and cheese please


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