Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Letters

I've written a few Friday Letters to recap my week, say what's on my mind, and maybe even take the opportunity to let a few things go. Join Paula here to share your own letters and read those from other "pen pals". Let's open the mail...

Dear Mike,

Happy Retirement! I've known you for over 30 years, first as a member of my husband's dissertation committee, then as his boss, and eventually as a friend. I'll miss your great parties and hearing Mike stories at the dinner table, but I think that your shooting endeavors (photography and guns!) will provide some new tales. I want to wish you only the best and hope that you'll find your retirement a new and exciting challenge; you've always risen to challenges in the best way possible. I can't wait to celebrate tomorrow night!

Dear Beer,

Thank you for your multi-purpose deliciousness! You've always served as a delicious drink, but this week you've proven that you are also a wonderful ingredient in baking. You were great in Cheesy Beer Bread and made Cinnamon-Raisin Beer Bread so good that I've eaten half a loaf by myself. I may even be trying you in chili this weekend!

Dear Tea,
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, especially when I have to get out of bed far too early and shovel horribly heavy snow in frigid temperatures. I love thee purely, or with sugar, honey, creamer, or milk. I love thee in the morning, the evening, and all hours in between. Thank you for helping me get through this week!

Dear Hearing Aids,

Thank you for enabling my mother-in-law to become a part of the family again. She really is a wonderful person, and even though it's taken years of persuasion and arguments, regaining her ability to hear with your help has made a huge difference for all of us. We no longer have to yell directly at her, become frustrated and angry, or wonder why she is asking me if I want mustard when the conversation is about quilts. She's been able to hear her newest great-grandson, and will be listening with the rest of the family when her granddaughter exchanges wedding vows in a few weeks. In fact, my husband and I are a bit envious of what you can do, including your cool remote to adjust you for different conversational situations, so we'll be looking into getting our own hearing aids in the future. My kids have told me they have things to say and they want me to listen, so I think I may need you!


  1. Great letters, I love the insight they offer into what happened in your life this week.

  2. I think my dad could do with some hearing aids....I love the letter to the tea, I agree with the sentiment and I cannot live without it!

  3. Mike sounds like a great, fun kind of guy! I'm glad the hearing aids are helping your MIL. Have a great weekend

  4. Mike's changes in stories will be well worth listening to. I could have written the letter to beer several years ago, but I can still say, even though my beer is GF, it is fabulous in chili (so is coffee). I love tea purely, sipping it right now, in fact. Thank you for writing it a love letter. Hearing aids are so cool and they get better and better!

  5. I love your letters, they are so good! I am right with you about tea, and am drinking some now after shoveling snow and wondering where I can possibly pile any more of it. I could drink tea all day long! I am so glad your mother in law was talked into getting hearing aids, I don't think anyone really wants to have them, but they sure can help, and they are not at all like they used to be.

  6. Cinnamon beer bread!? Sounds delicious! Recipe please!

  7. Yay for your mother-in-law!! There is nothing more frustrating...


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