Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Time Is On My Side

Today's Ten on Tuesday is 10 Things You Will Do With Your Extra Hour of Daylight now that Daylight Savings Time has begun. I'm lucky that the time change doesn't seem to bother me much, and I LOVE the extra hour of daylight in the evening. It really feels like time is on my side now!

1.  Take a walk - John and I try to make a habit of taking a long walk together after he gets home from work, so I'm thrilled that we can resume this now that the sun isn't setting until 7 p.m. Our walks so far have still been a bit of a challenge due to plenty of snow and ice, but at least we can see the hazards in the daylight!

2.  Read - Reading in natural light is always nice.

3.  Knit - As with reading, it's much easier to knit with more natural light lasting longer in the evening.

4.  Block - I have a feather and fan scarf that I need to block, but my usual blocking space is quite dark. Now I can see what I'm doing!

5.  Do taxes - I resent almost every moment I spend doing taxes (why do I have to jump through governmental hoops to get my own money back?!), but at least it's a tiny bit more pleasant in the daylight.

6.  Dust - Another unpleasant task as far as I'm concerned, but with more daylight I have seen a lot of dust that I was ignoring in the dark with the drapes closed.

7.  Make gardening plans - The extra hour of daylight makes me feel that ordering seeds, planning my seed-starting calendar, envisioning the garden and maybe some new perennial plantings might not just be wishful thinking.

8.  Grill - It's still too cold for me to make dinner on the grill, but in another month or so, I'll be out there with my hamburgers and chicken. It's so much easier to grill in the daylight than to try and use a flashlight!

9.  Change the clocks - It does seem to take some time to change all the clocks, and this year I decided to throw caution to the wind and not change the clocks on the coffeemaker and the answering machine. Each year there seems to be one important clock that I forget about, and this time it was the programmable thermostat. We'll see how long it takes me to figure out how to change the clock in my car.

10.  Read this article - I hadn't thought about fewer robberies and unhappy dairy farmers.

What will you do with your extra hour of daylight? Make it enjoyable, whatever it is!


  1. I've had my car 4 years and I still don't know how to change the clock! Maybe this year! And get those taxes done - you'll feel so much better! ;-)

  2. I spend more time outdoors once the light changes, otherwise, not much changes. I love being out in the light.

  3. Yes - the garden plans are happening here too!

  4. Ours lists have several similar items! And I hear you on the dust. I'm like, where did all THAT come from? LOL

  5. I may have set a personal-best record with the completion of our taxes over the weekend! I hated/resented every single second, too, but now I no longer have to dread the doing... it's DONE! You can do it (soon), girl, you'll be so much happier!!

  6. Gardening, gardening, gardening! Let's go! (But what was that you said about taxes? Taxes??? La-la-la-la . . .)

  7. dust???!!! on a happier note, yay for natural light to read, knit, walk ,garden and cook! hope you're seeing real signs of spring, too!

  8. Thanks for that video. I love being reminded how hot Mick was and what a great singer. I wonder if he still thinks time is on his side, though...


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