Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - At the End of the Rainbow

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things You Would Buy If You Found a Pot of Gold. I've searched at the end of the rainbow and never found the mythical pot of gold, but if I did, here's what I would use it for:

1.  A house for our Oldest Son - I'm not sure that members of my sons' generation will be able to purchase a house, no matter how hard they work and save. A house would give him a great start and enable him to put his money towards other things grownups should have, like a car, savings, health insurance... 

2.  A house for our Youngest Son - Because he deserves the same great start as his older brother.

3.  Plane and train tickets - The gold would be put to good use buying plane and train tickets so I could visit my sons more often.

4.  Books, lots of books - Many of these would be for me, but I would also give our small local library a big infusion of cash to purchase more books for their collection.

5.  Yarn and more yarn - Lots of cashmere, alpaca, and maybe I'll even try some qiviut!

6.  A greenhouse - I'm getting ready to start my garden seeds and this has helped fuel my fantasy of how nice a really large greenhouse would be.

7.  Lots of plants to fill my greenhouse - I would fill my huge greenhouse with dwarf citrus trees, Brugmansias, Epiphyllums, Bougainvilleas, lots of amaryllis bulbs, and many orchids.

8.  An on-call masseuse - My neck and shoulders are often tense and achey, so it would be wonderful to page my masseuse and have him give me a relaxing shoulder massage. I don't think I would need him more than an hour a day, so I would be happy to send him to any of you who might also need some relaxation.

9.  Different types of 25-year-old whiskey - It would be fun to buy and try several different bottles of well-aged whiskey and see if I can taste any difference between it and the younger, more affordable stuff.

10. Another college education - I've been to college and graduate school, but there are so many courses I never had the chance to take that I'd jump at the chance to return to school and take some things that really interest me, like Introductory Beekeeping, Queen Rearing, Plant Science, Literature, Creative Writing, and Philosophy. I bet I'd even be more engaged as an older, wiser student.

What are you going to buy when you find your pot o' gold?


  1. I think the whiskey is a great idea and I will join you by buying my own plane ticket with my pot of gold!

  2. I should have added #9 to my list! It would be a worthy investment as every drop would be a joyful adventure!

  3. Oh I'd love to return to school as well! I'd be a librarian! Great list Bonny and, I'll travel by train with you if you need company! ;-)

  4. I could get on board with the whiskey and the greenhouse.

  5. I love your 6,7 & 8! Fun list!!!

  6. I love the idea of a masseuse! The whiskey is a pretty good idea too. Happy St. Patty's Day!

  7. I like the idea of a greenhouse too! And of course whiskey!

  8. Oh--the masseuse is a fantastic idea!

  9. What a great list, Bonny! (I think what I love best . . . is that you refer to your on-call masseuse as a HE!!!)

  10. smiling at what Kym said ;-) and also that both sons are getting homes of their own. I'd love to see what books you buy ... for you and the local library. gerat list!

  11. giving your children homes to live in is wonderful as well as unlimited plane rides to visit wherever they may be!

  12. I'll take that on call masseuese!


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