Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Unraveled Wednesday: 4/10/24

I'm happy to join Kat and the Unravelers for one of the highlights of my week, Unraveled Wednesday! I've got the same old HotM once again, but at least I could take my photo outdoors so the colors are fairly true.

I have thought about starting some small projects so I'm not always showing you the same old thing. None of the sock yarn in my stash struck me but I have had an idea while writing this, so hopefully next week you'll see something else in addition to HotM.

One of the books I read this week was American Mother. It's a poignant, compelling, and very difficult book to read. Colum McCann has written the story of Diane Foley, mother of American journalist Jim Foley who was kidnapped, tortured, and killed in a horrific way in Syria. It's hard for me to understand how Jim Foley could have willingly gone into Syria, knowing full well the danger he was placing himself in, so I appreciated the biographical information about Jim's childhood and road to becoming a journalist. It's also difficult for me to understand how his mother could sit down with one of his killers, but Diane Foley has chosen to channel her grief into working for policy changes in the US to bring hostages back home. I welcomed the chance to read about and remember people like Jim Foley.

I also reread My Name is Lucy Barton in excited anticipation of Tell Me Everything later this summer. I'm not sure I would say now that My Name is Lucy Barton is better than Olive Kitteridge, but it's right up there vying for a top spot. I loved revisiting Lucy, and even though I've read three other books featuring her, I will never tire of listening to her try to make sense of the world and her family while she tries to find hope in darkness and dysfunction. Elizabeth Strout is a master of writing that is spare but rich in meaning.

What are you making and reading this week? 


  1. Your HotM is beautiful Bonny! I feel badly that I have not touched mine in weeks (and most likely won't get to it for another week or two). I am knitting a new sock which I'm enjoying...but my Shakerag Skirt is longing for attention as well as my HotM! I'm reading "The Fox Wife" which is an interesting (different) tale. I'm not far into it - maybe 60 pages or so, but am enjoying it so far.

  2. Love your HotM, Bonny. Those colors are working so well together. It just looks like a celebration! I find that I can read Elizabeth Strout's books over and over again! I love Lucy Barton -- and I am so looking forward to Tell Me Everything.

  3. I also love your HotM, Bonny! you make me want to toss my stash and cast one on! I just got approved for Tell Me Everything and I had niggles of wanting to read it right NOW, but I am waiting until I finish my current Kindle Read!

  4. I like seeing what you are knitting even if it's the same thing. It's a peek into your life and your interests!!

  5. I always enjoy seeing what you are knitting and your progress or lack thereof, Bonny. I am "making" my way through a mountain of paperwork. Who knew there was so much paperwork when someone dies? And it's the last thing you want to be doing while grieving. I know I am not special, everyone has to deal with this unless they die first. I am reading Fire Exit from Net Galley and enjoying it. However, I have an abraded cornea and an inflamed eye, so reading time is very limited. I am in one of those challenging times in life when I have to embrace the huge and varied experience that is life. Perhaps reading Elizabeth Strout would help?

  6. I am hardly one to comment about showing the same project over and over! ;-) Your colors are so fun together, so I don't mind seeing them over and over. Right now I'm trying to do some more reading because I seem to have suddenly gotten very slow in my progress. I've got less than an hour left in an audiobook, so I hope I can finish it today!

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    1. Thank you! It's one of my favorite colors and I'm really enjoying knitting with it.

  8. I think most of us work on the same project(s) for quite awhile. It's the nature of knitting to take time. I enjoy seeing your projects multiple times as the colors are always so pretty. My hat is off to Diane Foley. Anyone who can turn that kind of death into something positive is very remarkable. I am knitting on the Sophie Shawl and a sock.


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